Lenny Dykstra Joins Twitter, Chaos Ensues

by Rocco Constantino | Posted on Friday, May 20th, 2016
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From the time Lenny Dykstra burst onto the national scene as a key member of the  historic 1986 New York Mets, it was clear that he wouldn’t let anything stand in the way of his success.

It was also very clear that Dykstra was a character with a personality infinitely bigger than his then wiry frame.

Thirty years later, Dykstra has established a presence on Twitter (@LennyDykstra) much the same way he exploded onto the scene of the National League: with reckless abandon and a “no holds barred” attitude.  The result today is the same as it was 30 years ago; fans have fallen in love with him again.

This whole adventure started on May 10 when a verified account of Dykstra posted his first Tweet.  The All-Star center fielder made it known immediately this wasn’t going to be the typical Twitter account put out there by famous athletes.


From there, things got even more out of control.  Dykstra joked about being in jail, had the obligatory comment about Bartolo Colon‘s home run, live-Tweeted an episode of Full House and struck up a conversation with Jose Canseco.

And that was just in the first day his account was active.

For as crazy and entertaining as Dykstra’s has been in the first 10 days it’s been active, it should also be known that he has gone above and beyond to interact positively with all of his followers, no matter how positive or negative they have been.  While many of Dykstra’s Tweets have certainly been NSFW (especially the video of him dressed as Santa Claus, “admonishing” one of his scantily-clad female assistants), his interactions with fans are frequent, humble and gracious.

He has answered many questions from fans, thanked them for following him and is genuinely grateful when people Tweet their fond memories of the many great moments of his career.  In this world where people are becoming more and more tired of political correctness, Dykstra’s Twitter activity has struck a chord with baseball fans eager to see someone express their unfiltered opinions.

When some whispers started that his account may be run by a ghostwriter, Dykstra openly admitted he “got some help” with some Tweets as he had run into many outfield walls in his day.  One thing is clear, the videos he has been posting are 100% Dykstra and whether or not he’s actually the one typing every Tweet, the thoughts on his feed are pure Nails.

Dykstra’s Twitter account did not materialize out of thin air for no reason though.  Fans should be excited that part of the reason for his activity is to help promote his forthcoming book, House of Nails: The Construction.  The Demolition.  The Resurrection.  Due to be released on July 12, the book is an honest look at Dykstra’s climb to stardom in the Majors, his rise in the business world and his legal problems in recent years.

His book has already performed great on Amazon in presales (currently ranked as the #11 baseball biography) and if his Twitter feed is any indication, fans will not be disappointed when the book is released later this summer.

For fans who do not want to wait until July 12 for a glimpse into Dykstra’s life, they should follow his Twitter account immediately.

If you’re not sold, here are some fantastic examples of how Dykstra was able to generate 26,000 followers in just 10 days.

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Rocco Constantino
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