Manny Machado Gets Spiked By Andrew McCutchen And I’m Sure Orioles Fans Think It Was A Clean Play

by Jake Archer | Posted on Friday, June 9th, 2017
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Last night, Baltimore Orioles third baseman Manny Machado got spiked in the wrist by Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen’s cleat as McCutchen slid into third base. As many of us know, Machado was the one who spiked Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia earlier this year and ignited a rivalry because the Sox thought it was a dirty play.

At the time, every Orioles fan in the world said that Machado’s slide was clean and that there was no ill intent there at all. They screamed from the rooftops about the Red Sox taking it too seriously, even though it was clearly dirty. Now, Machado had to leave a game after being on the other end of that exchange and I’m sure the Orioles are staying consistent and maintaining that it’s all good. They aren’t faking it, trust me, they really want to tell us how much better than are than Boston fans! They definitely aren’t freaking out at all!

The funny thing is, McCutchen’s slide was okay. He slid in and his feet were low and happened to catch Manny’s wrist trying to tag him. Orioles fans conveniently forget that when Manny slid into Pedroia, his leg was raised and his spike hit Dustin in the thigh. It was about a foot and a half difference between where McCutchen’s foot was and where Machado’s was.

Well, today Machado had an MRI, which came back clean, but he’ll be day to day and is out of the lineup tonight. The Orioles dodged a bullet there but I have no doubt that they are upset with the play and they are quietly saying amongst each other that this slide was “bush league.” That’s the high and mighty way of a Buck Showalter coached team and the way that Machado operates. Maybe he’ll even start to blame McCutchen for the fact that he’s batting like .213. Who knows?

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Jake Archer
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