Max Scherzer Is A Crazy Person On The Mound And I Couldn’t Love It Any More

by Jake Archer | Posted on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017
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Last night, Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer went out and struck out 14 batters over seven innings while giving up only one run on three hits in a win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. He actually struck out the first 10 batters he faced which are wild. But the best part about Scherzer from last night is when the cameras caught him snarling and barking into his glove as he was winding up to throw a pitch.

That is the kind of intensity I love to see from any player, but especially a pitcher. I want my pitchers and my hockey goalies to be big time weirdos. I would love to know exactly what he was saying to himself out there and hear him mic’d up, but it’s probably very NSFW. In a perfect world, I want my ace to be a bit tapped in the head.

Chris Sale has some of that and I can remember Jake Peavy had it to. Even when he wasn’t an ace anymore with the Boston Red Sox in 2013, I used to love watching him yell at himself on the mound. He was a nutcase, but it showed that he cared a lot and I loved him for it.

So Max Scherzer can pitch for my team any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I mean obviously, he can because he’s lights out, but mainly because I know he’s a real competitor out there and he’s going to spill his guts to beat you.

How scared do you think a batter is digging in and knowing that he’s on the mound going crazy before he throws a baseball 98 mph in your general direction? That intimidation factor plays into what he does out there and every pitcher should take a look at how this bulldog goes about his business between the lines.

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Jake Archer
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