May MLB All-Stars

by Paul Jack | Posted on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013
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Patrick Corbin

Another month of baseball has come and gone.  Always a good time to see who had a surprise month and who didn’t.

Let’s start at the plate and look at some of the hitting lines for May.

Leader for runs scored was Joey Votto.

Votto – 28 runs, 6 hr, 16 rbi, 1 sb, .388 avg, .492 obp

Tied for the lead in homers for May was a usual suspect of Miguel Cabrera, and the upstart Domonic Brown both with 12.

Miggy – 23 runs, 12 hr, 33 rbi, 0 sb .379 avg, .455 obp

Brown – 17 runs, 12 hr, 25 rbi, 3 sb .303 avg, .303 obp

Check it out Miggy led Brown in walks 15-0.  When you are in the zone I guess it’s ok to hack away but getting those walks helps your team as well.  Domonic Brown is also the first player to have 10 homers in a month with 0 walks.  (Thanks @mtheed4)

Your SB leader for May was the San Diego Padres Everth Cabrera.

E Cabrera – 14 runs, 2hr, 16 rbi, 12 sb, .254 avg, .325 obp

Who is the MVP so far 2 months into the season?  While Chris Davis is a lock for surprise player of the year I still have to go with Miggy.  He is only a couple homers from a triple crown again!  He is super human.

On the pitching side there was some amazing numbers put up by some stars and some newcomers.

Patrick Corbin who is in his second year has been lights out all year.  He had a great April and followed it with a ridiculous May.  He and Jason Vargas shared the May lead with 5 wins each.  Honorable mentions to Cliff Lee and Mike Minor who also had great months.  Let’s take a peek at the lines of those 4 May stars!

Corbin – 5 games, 5-0, 1.53 era, 0.99 whip, 31 k’s, 13 walks

Vargas – 6 games, 5-0, 2.30 era, 1.07 whip, 31 k’s 14 walks

Lee – 6 games, 4-1, 1.80 era, 0.91 whip, 33 k’s, 8 walks

Minor – 6 games, 4-0, 1.98 era, 0.88 whip, 39 k’s 9 walks

All around some solid performances, but the story there is Corbin.  He appeared in 22 games last year with 17 starts and was an ok 6-8 with a 4.54 era.  This year he has found the magic and is a sparkling 8-0 with a 1.71 era.  He faces the Cubs today who have suddenly found life after sweeping my Chicago White Sox last week.

Lastly 2 closers each notched a crazy 12 saves in May.

Upstart (Ex Sox) Jason Grilli and newly appointed closer Edward Mujica each scored 12 saves in May.  Grilli is a perfect 22 for 22 this year for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Can’t wait to see what June has in store!

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