Mets Suspend Starting Pitcher Matt Harvey For Violating Team Rules

by Jake Archer | Posted on Monday, May 8th, 2017
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Don’t you just love the New York Mets? They are a controversy FACTORY, and they just seem to churn out something new about every week. As a blogger, they might be my favorite team because they just give me constant material. Not only that, but their starting pitcher Matt Harvey is a lightning rod for juicy stories and his talent to get involved in them may be second to none.

So yesterday, it was announced that the Mets were suspending Harvey for “violating team rules.” At first this was a very vague and mysterious reasoning that had people guessing at what could have happened. Of course, before long the story came out. Allegedly, Harvey just never showed up at the ballpark on Saturday. Not as interesting of a story as I had hoped, but I can make do.

I guess Harvey pulled a page out of the Derrick Rose handbook as he followed the Knicks star’s lead by just never showing up to the stadium one day without permission and then giving a lame excuse. Apparently he said he had a migraine, which I’m taking to mean that he was super hung over from another Matt Harvey night on the town.

He also said that there might have been possible miscommunication with the Mets. Uhhh, yea I think there was Matt, considering they deemed this violation serious enough to scratch you from your start on Sunday and suspend you for three days.

The problem with Harvey right now is that he isn’t pitching well. There’s a bunch of different Matt Harvey’s and those include Injured Matt Harvey, Out Of Shape Matt Harvey, Womanizer Matt Harvey, Clubhouse Problem Matt Harvey and Dark Knight of Gotham Matt Harvey. The Dark Knight of Gotham Matt Harvey is the one who is one of the best pitchers in baseball. The one who goes out there and not only throws heat, but pitches artfully. I love all of the different versions of Harvey but this is one that doesn’t work so well.

You have to be pitching well to be a jerk and he just is not. If he was doing his “Dark Knight” thing and mowing batters down like the superstar he can be, he could probably pull this stunt and the Mets would have to shrug their shoulders. But right now, Harvey’s ERA says he can’t stay home and watch the Rangers with a “migraine.”

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Jake Archer
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