Miguel Cabrera Wins Second Straight AL MVP Award

by Seth Allen | Posted on Friday, November 15th, 2013
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Miguel Cabrera

Detroit Tigers Third Baseman Miguel Cabrera was voted the American League’s Most Valuable Player Award for the second straight season, getting 23 of a possible 30 first place votes. He finished with 385 points.  The Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem center-fielder  Mike Trout was second in voting getting 5 first place votes and 282 points and Orioles First Baseman Chris Davis received one first place vote finishing third with 232 points. Oakland’s Josh Donaldson was the only other player to receive a first place vote and ended up fourth in the voting with 222 points.

Despite the arguments of the Metrics crowd in favor of Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera had a pretty impressive year in his own right in helping lead the Tigers to their third straight playoff appearance. His numbers in 2013 where better than they were in 2012 when he also won the MVP award. Cabrera had a slash line of 342/442/636 and had an OPS of 1.078. As well, Miggy also hit 44 Home Runs and had 137 RBI despite only playing in 148 games and battling a nasty groin injury that required surgery in the offseason.

Cabrera’s MVP win will again stir up the debate of who really had the better season Cabrera or Trout. Trout did have an oWAR of 10 for the year compared to Cabrera’s 8.9. Defensively Trout is one of the best Center Fielders in the game while Cabrera has never won a Gold Glove although is adequate at third base.

In the end though it comes down to interpretation. Most Valuable can be taken as best overall player or the Most Valuable to his team. To me it should be the most valuable to their team. If you take Cabrera away from the Tigers they don’t make the playoffs in my opinion. If you take Trout off of the Angels they are still a lousy team.  I think to win an MVP you don’t necessarily have to be on a playoff team, but you should have to play meaningful games late in the year. The Angels were out of it in June.

If you want a true measure of the best player in the game then re-name the MVP to Most Outstanding player. But I digress.

For this season Miguel Cabrera was a very worthy and deserving MVP winner.

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Seth Allen
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