Mike Trout Is Out And That’s Depressing

by Jake Archer | Posted on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017
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I’ll admit it; I don’t stay up and watch Los Angeles Angels games on a regular basis. I don’t see Mike Trout play outside of the occasional highlight packages or Twitter posts all that much. But Mike Trout is still one of my favorite athletes right now and when I do get to watch him do what he does, it’s a pleasure.

A very short time ago, I wrote about how Trout was having an amazing season, even by his standards. Now, that season has been ruined because of an injury and that sucks. Over the weekend, Trout stole second and jammed his left thumb into the bag while sliding.

Initially, it looked like it might only be that, a jam. But soon after, it was found that Trout had torn a ligament in that thumb and that not only would he head to the DL, he’d also be getting surgery. So today, on Wednesday, Trout had the surgery to repair the UCL in his thumb and he’ll be out an extended period of time.

That “extended period of time” is six to eight weeks which not only ruins Trout’s run that he was on, but also kills an Angels team that desperately needed him. So many baseball fans, like myself, will miss him for these two months. I know he’ll be back, but it just stinks to realize that his season had to have a setback when it could have been historic.

It’ll suck to not see him out there when the Angels come to Fenway or when the American League takes the field in the All Star Game. It isn’t a devastating injury, but anytime the best player in the sport goes down, no one wins. For a player that doesn’t get enough visibility as is, this blow hurts. I want to see Mike Trout out there doing Mike Trout things and getting recognized for being a living legend.

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Jake Archer
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