MLB Manager`s On The Hot Seat

by Paul Jack | Posted on Thursday, April 25th, 2013
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Hot Seat

What MLB Coaches Are On The Hot Seat? Two Baseball Hot Corner Writers Debate The Topic


So far early in the season the team that sticks out as under performing is the Toronto Blue JaysJohn Gibbons was re-hired again to manage the team he led from 2004-2008.  After their extra inning win today against the Baltimore Orioles they stand at 9-13 in last place 5.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox.

After 22 games the Blue Jays are last in the AL in batting, 10th in runs scored, and 2nd in homers.  Pitching is where the real problem exists.  At this point they are 11th in ERA,  1st in hits allowed, and 3rd in walks allowed. Their 5 starters have 22 starts and their era’s are 3.68, 4.66, 5.27, 5.87 and 6.86!  YIKES!!  Pete Walker the pitching coach better have eyes in the back of his head too!


John Gibbons and his under achieving Blue Jays supporting cast will live to fight another day. Gibbons will have a long leash seeing General Manager Alex Anthopoulos went off the radar to bring Gibbons back for a Canadian curtain call. Nobody saw this hire coming and Anthopoulos will wear it if it were to go sour. The Jays have stumbled out of the gate due to lack of pitching and injuries to key players like Lawrie, Reyes and Bautista of late. The panic button will be pressed in Los Angeles with Mike Scioscia  getting his walking papers long before Gibbons is shown the door out of Canada.


Scioscia is baseball royalty, he has been there since November of 1999!  He has was there before the whole Y2K scare!  He is the longest tenured manager in the majors (next up Gardenhire 2002) he has a ring and 2 manager of the year awards.  He isn’t going anywhere, bank on that.  I hated the Hamilton signing when it was made, no way he can be held accountable for what is sure to be a huge failure signing there.  Weaver just got hurt on a freak play to further dig him a hole.

Gibbons has everything against him, no hardware to backup his credibility, previous incidents of player misconduct on his resume (Shea Hillenbrand, Ted Lilly and Dave Bush), if things stay bad I could see him getting launched in July!


With a payroll over 150 million royalty and loyalty will only get you so far. If the Angels keep losing Scioscia will be yesterday’s news, used and abused. As for Gibbons he is here for long haul with the focus and blame put on the Jose Bautista’s of the world. Gibbons has control of the team and clubhouse, unlike that snake in the grass John Farrell did last season. Realistically the Padres, Astros, Cubs and Marlins could all hypothetically go that route before the Jays and Angels. But then again none of those teams had expectations going in.

Regardless of who, the axe is sure to fall soon on someone in the coming weeks as many teams continue to under perform on a daily basis.

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