New York Mets and Jay Z Discuss Robinson Cano

by Jonathon Kamph | Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
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 Robinson Cano

It has been reported by Fox Sports that Jay Z, the new Agent for Robinson Cano has sat down and had dinner with the top officials from the New York Mets organization.

The get together included chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon, and general manager Sandy Alderson, Brodie Van Wagenen and a sports agent was also there. Cano was reportedly not there.

The five-time All-Star second baseman, Cano, who is now a free agent, is seeking a 10 year contract for more then 300 million from the Yankees. Last week, Sandy Alderson, said that he doubted that the Mets would offer any nine figure contracts.

According to Ken Rosenthal, A Fox Sports Insider, the Cano to the Mets scenario is unlikely. It is also worth reporting that the dinner was initiated by Cano’s side, which was first reported by the New York Post.

This just in! Yankees team president Randy Levine was quoted saying this on Tuesday during a phone conversation with ESPN New York.[quote] “We want Robbie back; we think Robbie is terrific,” “But we have no interest in doing any 10 year deals and no interest in paying 300 million to any player, until he gets a little more realistic, we have nothing to talk about.”[/quote]

Robinson Cano might want to reconsider his numbers. That is, if he wants to stay a Yankee. He could also play the field and go shopping for a new team. But as we also see here, the Mets probably would not shell off that kind of dough either. Here are some numbers I want you to ponder over. Courtesy of David Brown of Big League Stew over at Yahoo Sports. The Yankees are closer to $161-168 million over seven years in terms of their preferred Cano terms. That’s about 24 million a season at the high end, compared with the 31 million per annum that Cano is asking for.

Here is where it gets interesting. David Brown went on to say that if they settled on, say, eight years at $28 million per season, that is $224 million overall. That is very doable, if the Yankees so choose to go down that route. Remember, the ultimate decision will not come from Mr. Levine. This will fall into the hands of the Steinbrenner boys. Will they pay up? In my opinion, we will not be seeing Robinson Cano in a New York Yankees uniform this coming season. And, if he doesn’t re-evaluate his contract, we might not be seeing him playing ball at all this season, for any team.

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