New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman Holds End Of Year Press Conference

by Gavin Ewbank | Posted on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013
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Brian Cashman

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman held his end of the year press conference today at Yankee Stadium, discussing a large variety of topics, including bringing back manager Joe Girardi and other roster plans this offseason.

Obviously, the biggest questions were surrounding Girardi. Cashman said that he met with Girardi on Monday, and the Yankees are planning on meeting with his agent on Wednesday, but Cashman won’t talk to the media to discuss the meeting afterwards tomorrow. But he did say that he would have a better feeling about where the team and Girardi stand after Wednesday.

Cashman said that the Yankees will certainly be offering Girardi a pay-raise, as they plan on offering more than the $3 million he’s already making on his current three-year deal the expires on October 31st.



”He knows we’d like to have him stay and continue as manager of the New York Yankees as we move forward,” Cashman said Tuesday.

“His effort and his efforts in pre-game preparation for each series and how he runs Major League Spring Training … he’s been consistently tremendously at it,” said the GM. “[His] job as a manager is to make sure these guys compete on a daily basis … I thought he did a great job, him and his staff.”



Seemingly the Yankees’ biggest competition when it comes to resigning Girardi would be the Chicago Cubs, who just recently fired manager Dale Sveum after two seasons at the helm. But Cashman would say if he would give the Cubs permission to speak with Girardi about their managerial opening.

Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York tweeted out this afternoon that the Yankees were not planning on giving the Cubs permission to speak with Girardi unless contract talks between him and the Yankees begin to break down. Unless the Yankees give permission, Girardi may not speak with other teams until his contract expires.

Cashman went on to talk about another upcoming free-agent, second baseman Robinson Cano, who has reportedly asked the Yankees for a 10-year, $305 million deal this winter.

[quote]“We’d love to have Robbie back,” said Cashman “Not much more for me to say about that … He has received — or will receive — a significant offer to stay. He’s been a great Yankee. If he stays I think he has a legitimate chance to experience what we saw with Mariano Rivera [last week].”[/quote]

Cashman also add an interesting note, saying that if Cano were to stay with the Yankees long enough, he would become the first player from the Dominican Republic to join the mast of legends in monument Park.

When it comes down to it, resigning Cano is likely going to cost a lot of money, and that would affect the Yankees’ goal of getting payroll under $189 million, which is a goal for the Yanks, not a mandate, says Cashman.



“We’ll operate as we look at the goal, but every option, every opportunity that comes my way; I will always present to my owners and team president for evaluation.” Cashman said.

“The intent is there, the ownership interest [in being competitive] is there,” said Cashman. “Their intent is always competing for a championship. What took place this year — it could have been easy to give up — they had no interest in doing that. They have every interest in keeping us relevant.”



From Cano to Girardi to everything else in between, the GM has a lot of work to do ahead of him this offseason, and we here at Baseball Hot Corner will be following along the entire way. You can also follow @GavinEwbank2013 on Twitter for complete Yankees coverage.

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