New York Yankees’ Ian Clarkin: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

by Travis Richardson | Posted on Saturday, June 8th, 2013
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ian clarkin

I hate the L.A. Angels. There, I said it. Every single baseball fan has a team they will bleed for, and a team they wouldn’t  mind seeing be destroyed. I`m an Oakland Athletics fan, and I hope that every single Angels player contracts a severe case of tonsillitis that gets infected and is incurable. Obviously, I am not being serious nor am I sincere about such a wish. I am joking. Fortunately for me I will not be working for the L.A. Angels anytime soon. That can`t be said for the Yankees first round pick Ian Clarkin who decided to voice his dislike for the New York Yankees on a pre-draft interview, only to be drafted by the Yankees in the first round. You want to see how Clarkin handled it, here is a picture of draft day.

I even have an exclusive video of Clarkin`s wife, who handled it very poorly.


The interview that is being discussed is a MLB network interview that has poor Ian saying:

[quote]”I cannot stand the Yankees, so I was actually in tears I was so happy,”[/quote]

Ian tried to cover his bases with a post draft interview saying that it was taken out of context and was a joke directed at his mother, who is a die-hard Yankees fan. Haha, nice try Ian.

Ian is a high schooler that has the choice to either sign with the Yankees or respect the commitment to pitch for the University of San Diego. I found that this quote sheds even a little more light on what is going to happen with Ian


[quote]”It will just have to come down to life-changing money,” Clarkin said. “We are going to have to talk about it over as a family, see what works best for me, see what works best for the family. Hopefully, we’ll get the scholarship in the contract also, but it is going to come down to how the money changes our family’s lives.”[/quote]

Well, hopefully his father has little say in the decision on whether to stick with the Yankees or to continue his education. If it is money Ian wants, then it is money the Yankees have. I`m sure a pretty good chunk of change is going to be offered to Ian and unless his humorous hatred for the Yankees dissipates, he is going to have to swallow his pride and wear some stripes. Careful though, those Yanks can get a little too friendly.

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Travis Richardson
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Travis is currently studying Finance at a over-valued private univerity. He enjoys the smell of leather, the sound of a ball off a wooden bat, and crying at the end of Field of Dreams. You can follow Travis on Twitter @TravRichard

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