Nolan Arenado Completed The Cycle With A Walk Off Three-Run Home Run

by Ben Porter | Posted on Monday, June 19th, 2017
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Going into the bottom of the ninth inning, the Colorado Rockies trailed the San Francisco Giants 5-3. This, of course, was merely an invitation for drama for the offensive juggernaut Rockies. Three straight singles cut the deficit to 1, and up to the plate stepped Nolan Arenado, who had already singled, doubled, and tripled. It only took one pitch, but the superstar third baseman did something incredibly rare. He completed the cycle in the most exciting fashion possible by hitting a walk-off home run.

The home run marked number 15 for Arenado, good enough to tie for 6th in the National League. His 4-5 day also brought his average within 1 point of the coveted .300 mark, while the 4 runs he drove in, puts him 3rd in the majors in RBI. In other words, this guy is good.

The cycle is one of my favorite accomplishments in baseball. This one marks the fourth of the season, with the other three belonging to Wil Myers, Trea Turner, and Carlos Gomez. Having four hits in a game is impressive in itself. Having multiple extra-base hits in a game is also impressive. A cycle, though more common than you’d think, is an incredibly difficult thing to do.

It’s a perfect storm of contact, power, and speed in an individual. The stars align and there’s a full moon. To the batter, the ball looks twice its size and moves at half the speed. The gaps seem bigger. The ball finds the spot on the diamond where the runner can make it to third. Every category in the box score fills with a non-0 number. It’s a beautiful thing when you stop and think about it.

The walk-off home run has its own beautiful characteristics as well. There’s pressure, opportunity, and excitement for both teams. It’s what competitive sports are all about. Tom Brady thrives in the two-minute offense. Steph Curry pulls up for threes at the buzzer. Playoff hockey games come down to sudden-death overtime. Players are immortalized through their clutch moments (see Ortiz, David), and the walk-off home runs have proven to be some of the most exciting moments in sports history. Combine this with the cycle? Ooooh, baby!

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Ben Porter
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Ben is a sophomore at Columbia University where he plays baseball. He loves everything about the game and is a little biased toward the Boston Red Sox, Ben has future ambitions of a career in sports media, follow him on Twitter @Ben13Porter

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