Nolin Keeps Rollin’- Interview With Sean Nolin

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2012
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Sean Nolin

Sean Nolin was having a career year racking up a 7-0 record with a miniscule 2.35 era before being sidelined with a nagging lat injury which he hopes to return from before months end. The south paw was selected as the Florida State League pitcher of the week in April and selected to the Florida State mid-summer classic.

Nolin who is a native of Seaford, New York was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners and finally the Toronto Blue Jays in the 6th round of the 2010 amateur baseball draft out of San Jacinto College North.

The 6’5″ lefty has notched an 11-6 record and obliterated 212 batters in 202 innings pitched since commencing his professional career in 2010. If it had not been for the injury Nolin may have very well been in line for a promotion with the season he was compiling.

If Nolin keeps rollin’ the future looks very bright.


1. You were drafted 3 times by Major League teams before signing with the Blue Jays in 2010. What was your thought process with the draft and was education always on the forefront?

The first time I got drafted out of high school I didn’t feel it was right for me to start pro ball. Starting my education was priority for me I feel like it was the good decision because I almost have a two year degree under my belt after going to junior college. The second time I got drafted it was about my education but also unfinished business on the field. I just felt that I had more to show in me.

2. You are currently 7-0 with a 2.35 era with the Dunedin Blue Jays and your name is starting to garner more attention with Blue Jays fans. What has contributed to your success and great start this season?

I would have to say just throwing more strikes. I was always trying to pick apart the plate and that ended up being bad for me. I would put guys on baseless have to give them a good pitch to hit because I was behind in the count. This year I’ve been attacking the zone better and getting ahead more in the count. That’s helped me the most.

3. For people who have never seen you play, what type of player can they expect from Sean Nolin and what MLB player do you model yourself after or emulate?

I’m an intense player out on the field. I put all that I have into the game. People say that emotion on the mound can be a bad thing for a pitcher and I agree to some things. The positive emotion is what drives me the most it puts me into that last gear. I was always a big fan of Andy Pettitte I mean growing up in New York and them having a left handed starter for me to watch every 5th day was awesome. He is someone i would model myself after.

4. What pitches do you currently throw, your “out pitch “and what type of velocity do your pitches hover around?

My out pitches would probably first be my fastball. I work off that a lot. But if my curve ball is on. I would say that would be the out pitch for me just have to pick the right spots to throw them. My fastball will sit at 90 for the most part but I have bumped it up to 95 a few times this season. The curveballs at 72-75

5. What has been your biggest baseball related accomplishment to date?

I would have to say it was making the Florida state all-star team this year. I was happy to see that I was chosen to be one of the pitchers to represent our team.

6. What is the one pitch you feel you need to add or perfect to be a successful major league pitcher?

It’s the fastball. There’s always room for improvement with your pitches. But for me it’s getting that fast ball down in the zone every time and I should be ok if there quality pitches.

7. What has been the biggest transition for you getting accustomed to life in the minor leagues?

I feel just time. Over time you get used to being away from home or on the road. Once you get use to that it makes it a lot easier on yourself to do better on the field. Also just making sure you’re going all your work off the field. You do all of that like conditioning and workouts. It makes the game much easier on your body but that doesn’t make the game easy.

8. Who has been the most influential person in helping you develop as a baseball player throughout your career?

I can’t say just one person. But I’ll go with both my parents. If they didn’t take me to all my spring summer and fall games throughout the years and also all the winter practices. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the dedication they put into me playing ball. And I thank them for that.

9. Any truth to the rumor that you were a Yankees fan growing up as that may be hard for Jays fans to swallow competing with the hated Yankees in the tough Al East?

Yes it is true that I was a Yankee fan growing up. But I mean I’m from New York so it makes sense that I was a Yankee fan.

10. Describe a typical off day for Sean Nolin. What keeps you busy and how do you pass the time?

To start I’ll try and get extra rest because there’s not many off days so you have to take advantage of the off time. I’ll watch some movies or go to the beach. Just mostly relax like I said before we don’t get to many days like that. And any cleaning that has to be done around the house. Things that have to be done I try and get as much done as I can.

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