Nova’s Exit from the Yankees Pending

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016
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Baseball fans think that Brian Cashman is using Nova to test the waters. Having traded Aroldis Chapman (for a considerable haul), there is curiosity about who else might be made available in the trades. A lot of baseball predictions are certain that Cashman is preparing for a possible Fire Sale.

With Cashman having acquired Adam Warren, Gleyber Torres and Billy McKinney along with Rashard Crawford, Mark Feinsald revealed that attempts would be made to trade Nova before he became a free agent.

The Marlins have already expressed their interest in Nova, especially with Miami having passed on the asset recently. While Wei-Tin Chen’s arm injury definitely puts them in a place of desperation, Miami thought that Nova’s price was a little too high.

The Yankees are obviously determined to capitalize on the pitching market as it stands today. Considering what they got for Chapman, the Yankees are looking at what other pitching they can trade.

Some probably think that the Yankees are being a little too optimistic about Nova, especially taking into account the player’s 4.65 ERA and 4.84 FIP. With such stats, who would want Nova?

People making such statements might be surprised by the level of talent other teams are willing to roll with these days. The Giants, for instance, are struggling with Jake Peavy and Matt Cain and, with the minimal production that he brings to the table, Nova would actually be an improvement for the Giants.

The Astros would also probably prefer him over Mike Fiers, the Royals fairing no better with Yordano Ventura. With a career-best 54.9% ground ball rate and 2.13 BB/0, the fact that Nova can serve as a given team’s Swingman between the rotations and the bullpen is also worth noting.

Even if Nova doesn’t exactly get the crowds cheering, one cannot deny the fact that he is fairly consistent, even taking into account the disaster that was June.

Nova isn’t the worst guy around, especially for any team that is looking for backend rotation help. The Giants, in particular, would be remiss to ignore him. They have a very spacious ballpark, so Nova’s fly ball tendencies would easily go unnoticed.

The Giants do not have much pitching depth at the moment, and they must make some immediate changes if they are to retain their grip on the NL West, especially with the Dodgers nipping at their heels.

The Giants don’t have that many options at the moment, and it isn’t like Nova would cost much to acquire. The Giants could also remove Peavy and Cain from rotation. The Nova move is very reminiscent of Chapman.

Once Adam Warren enters the equation, there is an opportunity to lose Nova even while moving Warren back into the rotation, and fans have seen how well he performed last season.

One wonders if the Yankees are actually serious about putting Luis Severino in the Bullpen for now; because, if that is the case, they have little to no use for Nova.

Depending on the level of interest, this trade could progress very quickly, costing very little for those involved. Any team on a budget will find some use for Nova.

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Clayton Richer
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