One American League GM Thinks Bryce Harper Will Fetch More Than $400 Million As A Free Agent

by Jake Archer | Posted on Monday, June 5th, 2017
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Just in the past couple of days we’ve had a lot more Bryce Harper free agency talk. First we heard from the legend Peter Gammons who said that Harper “really would prefer to play for the Chicago Cubs.” Now we’ve got an unnamed American League general manager speculating on how much Bryce Harper will get in free agency and saying that it’ll be more than $400 million.

We have been talking about this one player’s impending free agency ever since he got into the league and showed that he actually could live up to the hype. Every New York Yankees fan in the world has been saying for years how “Harper will look great in pinstripes” once he signs with them for a mammoth contract.

Most fans of other teams have just kind of went along with it because Harper seems like a Yankee in a way and we know they’ll pay top dollar. But over $400 million? Will the Bombers do that? Apparently, as this anonymous GM sees it, that number is “light” so I guess any team who is bidding on him will need to go north of that.

You know what’s the craziest part about this whole thing? Harper doesn’t hit free agency until after NEXT season. Yet here we are, talking about it now. Nationals fans must feel like the clock is ticking and the inevitable loss of their idol is coming soon. I bet Harper will be linked to every big market team between now and then as well. The media will find a reason to tie him to Boston, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the New York Mets etc.

Do I think Harper is worth over $400 million though? No. He’s a great player who has done a lot at a young age but that is a ridiculous amount of money. Anytime a player is signed to a long term contract worth stupid money, it becomes an albatross more often than not. Do I think he’ll get it? Probably. Some team, like the Yankees, will pay an arm, a leg and every other body part just to bring in the man. He’ll be a perfectly hateable Yankee and although I’ll hate for my Boston Red Sox to face him, I’ll think the fit makes sense.

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Jake Archer
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