MLB Players Closing in On Milestones in 2017

by Rocco Constantino | Posted on Sunday, February 26th, 2017
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Aside from rooting for your favorite teams in any given season, one thing that draws the interest of fans is the pursuit of milestone stats by players across the league.  Last season, the magic number fans were most focused on was Ichiro’s chase for 3,000 hits.  The 42-year-old needed 65 hits coming into the season, no guarantee as the legendary right fielder seemed destined to a part-time role on the Miami Marlins.  Injuries not only allowed Ichiro to reach 3,000 hits, but helped him climb up the all-time hits ladder into the top 25.

Coming into the 2017, the focus shifts to another star set to reach 3,000 hits.  Adrian Beltre stands at 2,942 career hits, needing just 58 to become the 31st player to reach the milestone.  It took Beltre just 54 games to reach that total last season.

In addition to Beltre’s pending accomplishment, there are a number of other players pursuing milestone.  This guide sets the stage for potential magic numbers to be accomplished in 2017.


Adrian Beltre

58 hits to reach 3,ooo

174 hits to break into the top 20 all-time hits leaders

9 doubles to become the 17th player with 600

5 home runs to reach 450


Ichiro Suzuki

49 singles to pass Willie Keeler for 6th place


Carlos Beltran

29 home runs to reach 450


Miguel Cabrera

4 home runs to reach 450

14 extra base hits to reach 1,000


Albert Pujols

9 home runs to reach 600

175 hits to reach 3,000

40 home runs to pass Ken Griffey, Jr. for 6th place


Jimmy Rollins

45 hits to reach 2,500

75 games at shortstop to pass Cal Ripken for 5th place


Robinson Cano

22 home runs to reach 300

21 doubles to reach 500


Curtis Granderson

7 home runs to reach 300

17 doubles to reach 300


Mike Trout

32 home runs to reach 200

3 RBIs to reach 500

25 doubles to reach 200


Kris Bryant

35 home runs to reach 100

34 doubles to reach 100


David Wright

10 doubles to reach 400

4 stolen bases to reach 200


Jose Reyes

12 stolen bases to reach 500

28 hits to reach 2,000


Matt Holliday

5 hits to reach 2,000

5 home runs to reach 300

47 RBIs to reach 1,200


Josh Donaldson

50 RBIs to reach 500


Ryan Braun

15 home runs to reach 300

63 RBIs to reach 1,000


Dustin Pedroia

38 RBIs to reach 700

25 doubles to reach 400


Ryan Howard

18 home runs to reach 400

6 RBIs to reach 1,200

25 hits to reach 1,500


Adrian Gonzalez

46 hits to reach 2,000

32 runs to reach 1,000


Clayton Kershaw

82 strikeouts to reach 2,000


Bartolo Colon

17 wins to reach 250

135 strikeouts to reach 2,500


Justin Verlander

203 strikeouts to reach 2,400


Francisco Rodriguez

20 saves to reach 450

49 saves to pass Lee Smith for 3rd place


Jon Lester

139 strikeouts to reach 2,000


CC Sabathia

78 strikeouts to pass Cy Young for 20th place

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