Predictions for the Next Manager of the Tigers in 2018

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Friday, September 29th, 2017
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Since the current manager of the Detroit Tigers, Brad Ausmus, will not be back to his job in the 2018 season, it is important to evaluate some of the potential candidates to fill his position. According to GM Al Avila, the next manager will have to fulfill some of few parameters. First, he has to be currently managing any team in the major or minor leagues or managing any team in the major leagues. If these parameters would have been used four years ago, Ausmus would never have managed the Tigers; therefore, let us see if the next manager will improve the Tigers odds for 2018 MLB season.

Potential Internal Nominees

Avila stated that the next manager will have to decide if any of the existing junior managers will remain, but that’s after going through interviews beforehand. Furthermore, managers in the minor league are not legible, which rules out Erie manager and West Michigan manager i.e. Lance Parrish and Mike Rabelo, who are retired Tigers’ players. Lloyd McLendon could be one of the current coaches who might be considered since has coached the Seattle Mariners, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Toledo. Gene Lamont is legible, but I don’t think he will bring any change. With no management experience, Omar Vizquel might not attract any attention unless Al Avila considers his popularity with players. Leon Bull Durham should not leave as well but as a manager.

Former Managers

Former Tigers manager Alan Trammell tried to rebuild the team between 2003 and 2005, but Jim Leyland had to fill his position after a bad run of three seasons sealed his termination letter. He is currently working at the Tigers as a roving infield instructor.

Kirk Gibson has worked with the Tigers as well as the Trammels both as a hitting coach and as a bench coach respectively. He later spent four seasons with the Diamondbacks. Another downside is that he suffers from the Parkinson’s disease, which could slow down his progress in such a tedious profession. Furthermore, with four years and six years of managing the Marlins and the Braves respectively, the 53-year-old Fredi Gonzalez is one of the most suitable candidates.

The 49-year-old Manny Acta never had any commendable achievement when he coached the Nationals and Indians He was named the youngest coach in the major leagues when he joined the Nationals at age 37. He also has an eight-year experience managing the Astros organization. If the Tigers are seeking an old-school coach, Ron Gardenhire is the best when it comes to using advanced metrics.

Minor League Managers/MLB Coaches

Currently, the 44-year-old Joe McEwing coaches the Chicago White Sox as a third base coach and is considered one of the most polished in the league today. However, even with a nine-year playing experience, he has the least managerial experience compared to others mentioned in this article.

Tony DeFrancesco spent 14 years as a minor league coach for the Athletics farm system. The Sacramento River Cats employed him for six seasons and the As for one season as third-base coach. In 2012, he became the interim manager for the Astros organization and later and achieved an award of the Baseball America’s Minor League Manager of the Year.

In 2013, Tim Wallach was among the candidates who wanted to become the manager of the Tigers and Mariners. The Dodgers hired him as a bench coach and later as a hitting coach for two seasons. He started managing the Triple-A Albuquerque Isotopes in 2009 and won the Pacific Coast League Manager of the Year.

Present League Managers

Reports show that the present manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Clint Hurdle, detests the parsimonious spending habits of his employer. At 60, he could be a potential candidate because his contract ends this season. He spent seven seasons and eight seasons with the Pirates and the Colorado Rockies respectively. Terry Collins is another potential candidate who is the current manager of the New York Mets. Others include Oakland’s Bob Melvin, Toronto’s John Gibbons and Mike Matheny in St Louis.

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