Re-Sign or Let Him Walk: Curtis Granderson

by Gavin Ewbank | Posted on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013
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Curtis Granderson had a rough 2013 season, missing the majority of the season after suffering a pair of freak injuries. He fractured his right forearm after being hit by a pitch in his first at-bat of spring training, he finally returned to action in May, only to play eight games before breaking his left pinkie when he was hit by another pitch.

Granderson was in the midst of a contract year, and it’s unlikely that the injuries will hurt his value on the free-agent market, mostly because these aren’t chronic injuries that you can expect to come back. They are things that happen as a result of playing the great game of baseball. If anything, it hurt his chances at possibly getting a multi-year contract with the New York Yankees.

Even though there are still a couple games left in the World Series and free-agency won’t begin until five days after its conclusion, there a handful of rumors about the teams that will likely be lining up this winter for Granderson’s services. The Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox have all been linked to the power outfielder over the past few weeks.

Though missing most of the 2013 season might not help him a lot as a free-agent, he is still able to market the fact that he was the major league leader in home runs from 2011-2012 with a combined 84 dingers. Grandson’s agent will also be quick to point out that 17 of his 41 home runs in 2012 came on the road and  five of his seven bombs this year were also away from the Bronx in hopes to shoot down concern about inflated power numbers from playing home games at Yankee Stadium.

Decision: Give him a qualifying-offer, then go from there. The qualifying-offer is for one-year and is expected to be in the range of $14.1 million this season. At that price, Granderson would seem pretty much worth it. A lot of recent comments from Granderson and his agent suggest that Grandy would accept the offer should the Yankees present the offer to him, but his agent also made it seem like his client could first test the open market before making a decision.

If Granderson doesn’t accept the offer, which he will only have five days to make a decision, the Yankees will be awarded a draft pick compensation if he signs with another team. Also, if he accepts the qualifying-offer, then the Yankees would have four outfielders under contract for 2014 and essentially have no room to go out and sign a guy like Carlos Beltran.

Yes,  Granderson will strikeout a lot but he is still a guy with a ton of pop. After the drop-off in power the Yankees experienced in 2013, it would be hard for the Yankees to let a power bat walk away.

Gavin Ewbank covers the Yankees for Baseball Hot Corner. Follow him on Twitter, @GavinEwbank2013.

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Gavin Ewbank
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Living in always-too-hot Florida, Gavin an MLB Columnist for BHC. Apart from that, he occasionally covers high school sports for the Palm Coast Observer. You can follow Gavin on Twitter @GavinEwbank.

  • with the moron twins running the show, i expect the yanks to see some dark years ahead.cashman doesn’t know talent, can’t make a trade.the scouting is brutal.the old man must be spinning in his grave.they should sell the team.if only

    • Tanned Tom

      What a joke of a comment. Cashman has seen his team make the playoffs 13 times in 15 years. Name me one GM who can beat that.
      And as for trades, he stole Swisher from the White Sox for damn near nothing. Maybe next time take your thumb out of your…mouth before you post.

  • Tanned Tom

    Yes you make the QO to Granderson. If he accepts, I think this should free the club to immediately trade Wells and Suzuki for anything. Those players are shot and can’t possibly be part of the plan for a playoff team in 2014. It won’t be easy to move them, but for 4th OFs you usually can get back a backup C, a UT INF, or a reliever.
    As for Beltran, I like him. But at 36 with his knee injury history, I can’t see giving up a draft pick for him unless you see him as the last piece of the puzzle, which I do not.

    • Rick

      They wont get rid of Wells. He’s a good back up and they owe him $0 next season. Let Granderson walk and get Ellsbury the second best all-around player in the game behind Trout. That will leave the Yanks with possibly the fastest outfield in the history of the game with Gardner, Ellsbury and Ichiro. That speed will definitely help pitchers and produce wins by eliminating other teams from getting as many hits and scoring. What they lack in batting, they’ll makeup for in runs not scored by the other team.

  • duke

    Ichiro, Wells, are done. Gardner doesn’t scare a pitcher out there. the Yanks used to be bold. The “old” man would make offers to Ellsbury, Soo, and Beltran.
    Wells, Ichiro should be released and Soriano is your 4th outfielder/Dh. All those guys would see time at DH. Sign Ubaldo, and make a great offer to Tanaka, and Kuroda. Pitching wins games, hitting fills up the seats, you need both.

  • Thom

    We need a outfielder who can make (diving) catches. Wells is nothing. sometimes he hit the ball but he can’t make catches. I have doubts around Ichiro. He isn’t a strong batter but he is a good base-hitter. I think we need him. Gardner is a good hitting fast guy. he is a real center fielder. he has to stay in the Bronx. Hafner is a DH who can not hit. a good option is to set Soriano as DH. To fill up the outfielder who can make catches and is a good batter is Granderson.

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