Red Sox Fans Who Wish The Team Still Had Travis Shaw Are Being Short Sighted

by Jake Archer | Posted on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017
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Throughout the beginning of this season, third base has been a pretty big problem for the Boston Red Sox. The organization traded away Travis Shaw in the offseason, and pretty much just handed the job back to Pablo Sandoval without anyone to challenge him. Sandoval wasn’t exactly the train wreck he’s been in his first two years in Boston, but he wasn’t off to a great start and now he’s out with an injury.

With Sandoval down for the forseeable future, the position got very thin (no pun intended), very quickly. The Sox were down to Marco Hernandez, Josh Rutledge and Deven Marrero. Brock Holt, who isn’t spectacular but also is serviceable, was the other option but he’s been on the disabled list as well. Hernandez, Rutdlege and Marrero have all seen time at third this year and have also all showed why they are fringe major league players at best.

Now, Hernandez has gone down with an injury and the Sox are scraping the bottom of the barrel with Rutledge and Marrero. Not only are they getting almost no production out of third base on offense and defense, but the man they traded away, Travis Shaw, is enjoying a good start to the year.

Shaw is batting .263 with seven home runs and 24 runs batted in so far on the season. All though those aren’t eye-popping numbers, they are way better than what Boston is currently getting. The thing I find crazy though, is that fans are acting like it was the worst move ever for the Red Sox to trade Shaw. Does anyone remember that Shaw was pretty bad last year? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

In 2016 Shaw hit 16 home runs, batted .242 and drove in 71 runs. But at times he looked like he didn’t know which end of the bat to hold at the plate and couldn’t hit a breaking ball. Just because he came up in 2015 and surprised everyone pleasantly before getting dubbed “The Mayor of Ding Dong City” doesn’t mean he was good. It’s like every Red Sox fan has some blurred memory of what he actually was here and thinks it’s a crime that the team traded him away.

Yes, I understand that the Sox need something to fill this glaring hole at third base but that doesn’t mean I want Travis Shaw back. He wasn’t the answer and the trade was honestly a win for Boston on paper. Just because the reliever we got, Tyler Thornburg, isn’t currently pitching doesn’t mean he won’t come back and help fortify the bullpen. Just because Travis Shaw has started hot doesn’t mean he won’t cool off and revert back to what he really is. We’ve seen the guy, and he’s one of the more streaky hitters around so I’m confident his early season production is going to taper off.

All in all I just think Red Sox fans love to find reasons to complain even if they are short-sighted and don’t make sense. Now with the Red Sox traveling to Milwaukee to face the Brewers the talk will only ramp up about the great Travis Shaw and how Dave Dombrowski is such a fool to ever trade him. It’s so dumb, and I hope the Sox pitchers exploit Shaw’s many weaknesses just to calm everyone down about him.

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Jake Archer
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