Robin Ventura Gets A Contract Extension With White Sox

by Paul Jack | Posted on Monday, January 27th, 2014
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Robin Ventura

Have you ever been lucky enough to buy a stock nice and low, and sell it high for a decent profit?  That’s what the Chicago White Sox seem to be doing lately.

First off, two years ago they hired Robin Ventura to be their manager when the hot subjects were Dave Martinez from the Tampa Bay Rays and Terry Francona fresh from a firing by the hands of the Boston Red Sox.  At that time Robin had never coached a team in the Majors or Minors.

They signed him to a three year deal which at first seemed genius.  His first year the Sox benefited from a weak division but still saw themselves in first place on September 25th.   They proceeded to lose 4 of 5 to fall out of contention, but it was a nice treat.

2013, with almost the same team returning and a couple extra small pieces acquired, had high expectations.  The end result was a complete implosion and a 99 loss season.  Towards the end they traded away Jake Peavy and Alex Rios to get a start on rebuilding the team with some younger talent.

The strange moves continued in the off season when (in the last year of Ventura’s contract and coming off a 99 loss season) they extended the manager’s contract.  I suppose, if you like your coach and believe he is the one, there is no better time to extend him and get the best value; coming off a 99 loss season you don’t have too much bargaining power.

Being the eternal optimist I am going to stay positive and hope that Robin’s laid back demeanor translates to more wins this year.  The White Sox did retool the offense by picking up Adam Eaton, Jose Abreu, Matt Davidson. Also, in the Peavy trade, they acquired potential star Avisail Garcia.  If pitching coach Don Cooper can keep working his magic on the team ERA the White Sox have a legit shot against Detroit in 2014.

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Paul Jack
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  • Catbert

    A really nice guys, but wasn’t a leader as a player, and isn’t a leader as a manager. He’s a professional “players manager”, which means he doesn’t manage at all. He is a good front man, and will never embarass ownership or makes waves. A perfect model for what ownership values.

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