Ryan Goins: Journey To The MLB Interview

by Brendan Panikkar | Posted on Tuesday, December 17th, 2013
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Ryan Goins

Ryan Goins figures to make the 2014 Toronto Blue Jays

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Toronto Blue Jays second basemen Ryan GoinsGoins played in 34 games this season with the Blue Jays and figures to open the 2014 season with the major league club barring any major roster acquisitions. The following answers reveal the journey to the majors for Goins and the impactful influences who contributed to his place in the game today.

To this point in your career, what is the biggest or most memorable moment you have experienced?

[quote]The most memorable moment for me was the first game I was called up walking out onto the field at Yankee stadium and that feeling of numbness I had just being out there and watching the game.  The nerves the excitement and just the overall high that I was on.  The other moment I will remember forever was hitting my first home run and getting the silent treatment in the dugout.  It was awesome to say the least and is something that will go down in my all time top moments I will remember.[/quote]

What would you say your biggest strength is as a ball player?
[quote]I think to me being a great teammate is something that I take a lot of pride in.  Just going in every day and trying to do what I can to help the team win and be willing to do whatever it is that day to help the team.[/quote]
Alex Anthopoulos has said this off-season that he is very comfortable with Maicer Izturis and yourself at 2nd base in 2014. How much does that mean to you being a young player just beginning your major league career?

[quote]It gives me confidence to know that the people in our organization trust in me as a player and know I can get the job done.  At the end of the day it just comes down to helping out in whatever area they need me and doing the best I can day in and day out.[/quote]

Who would you say you try to model your style of game after and who has had the biggest influence on your baseball career?
[quote]Growing up my dad and uncle were the two people that really helped me in my career.  As far as professionally I think there have been numerous people who have helped me along the way whether it be coaches or teammates, and on down to our roving coaches and now the coaches in the big leagues.  I don’t really try and be one person out there, I take a lot if things from different players, and just and make myself the best player that I can be.  Growing up I really watched Derek Jeter the way he plays the game and how he is just the ultimate pro.  Another player growing up I liked to watch was the energy and happiness Jose Reyes plays with, you always see him smiling and having a good time and playing the game like a little kid, which really rubs off and leaves and impression.[/quote]
How does it feel knowing you play for a team that doesn’t just represent the City of Toronto, but the entire country of Canada?
[quote]It’s awesome to know the at you have the support from a whole country, no matter the area in Canada you can find Blue Jays fans and that’s awesome.[/quote]
Who was your favorite team growing up?
[quote]Growing up the Texas Rangers were my team because they were so close to my house, and whenever we would make trips to six flags theme park, the rangers park is right across the street so it made for some really fun weekends as a kid.[/quote]
What major league ballpark are you most excited to play in?
[quote]I really love playing at home in Rogers Centre and just having the home crowd behind is a great feeling when you’re out there on the field.  The other would be the ballpark in Arlington just because watching games there growing up you always dream of playing on that field and hopefully I will get that opportunity.[/quote]
Who would you say is the funniest teammate you’ve ever played with and why?
[quote]This year being Mark DeRosa and just picking his brain and hearing is stories was something that I will take with me forever.  He is probably the best story teller I have ever been around and he just kind of sucks you in with his personality.[/quote]
Where were you when you got the call to the major leagues, who called you, and what was your immediate thought/reaction to the promotion?
[quote]I was in Buffalo at my apartment when I got the call from Marty Brown that I was going up.  My first reaction was kind of just awe and shock and excitement.  It was definitely a whirlwind and there really aren’t words to describe what I felt at that point. [/quote]
What goals or expectations have you set for yourself in 2014?
[quote]I don’t really like to set limitations on myself because then you just start chasing numbers which can really drain you.  I wanna be the best player that I can be next year and really do my best to help my teammates and team win games.[/quote]
Everyone at Baseball Hot Corner thanks Ryan Goins for his time in this interview and for the ability for all of us baseball fans to get a sneak peek into the career of a major leaguer. Thank you Ryan, and best of luck for the 2014 season and your entire major league career!!
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