It is Over: The Sabermetrics Battle has been Won

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Friday, August 19th, 2016
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The battle is officially over and we won, MLB Networks ‘MLB Now’ made it clear that they have won the battle. Brian Kenny, talks about the adoption of the game of numbers and not epic baseball game. Sabermetrics which is becoming common have led to a special game telecast to be produced by the MLB Network to be telecasted on Wednesday (Pittsburgh Pirates-San Francisco Giants broadcast). With online MLB sportsbook odds, you can know where to put your money.

CBS Sports Jonah Keri, Hall of Fame Pitcher John Smoltz, Mike Petriello of and Kenny will be using the local feed of the Giants. Kenny will however incorporate several perspectives and provide his play by play on the desk. This, coupled with the live information will provide will lead to a powerful Statcast technology.

On the MLB now show, the game will be held which will see MLB Network studios in Secaucus, New Jersey being worked by the four. Pirates at Giants is how the game is being billed, it will be transiting between the CSN Bay Area provided feed and the studio call.

In an advanced and in depth analysis, we can say: let us take the World Series for instance; it is its exposure to the advance side that gives the future generations to accept the concept of numbers and the fact that the game is here to stay.

According to Kenny, the industry is there and it is a part of the culture. This makes people more aware of the analytics which makes the teams to view the game from an economic perspective. The people are therefore aware that it is happening, even if they are not in the number-centered websites.

In a description, Kenny outlines how Clubhouse Confidential was a huge educational process one of the earliest stage by MLB Network to undermine Sabermetrics entered programming. When explaining the metrics, the Pirates Giants game will no longer have to go to the depths of on-base plus slugging (OPS). However, since the industry is aware of the numbers games, the fans are also accepting the fact.

Jonah Keri, whose career blossomed as a part of Baseball Prospectus shares the same views as Kenny. According to Keri, the Sabermetrics are just a cog in the machine; the advanced analytics are what the front office sees. Since teams are out to win a World Series, if this helps them win, then it does help.

Kenny added that it would make him happy if there was more growth and investment in the scouts’ number in the league. This would make Sabermetrics an augmentation of what they have been doing and not a way of replacing scouts.

It does not matter whether Kenny or Keri or anyone else of the Baseball Internet Mafia, the act that numbers do not reduce the fun of the game remains. What the numbers are doing is not answer the ‘why’ questions; and not make human act as slide rulers during the game. When you look for the answers of the why questions, it becomes even more fun to watch the game. As the Pirates-Giants game makes the game evolve, the battle is over.

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Clayton Richer
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