The Seattle Mariners Are Serving Toasted Grasshoppers and Guess What? They’re a Hit!

by Jake Archer | Posted on Friday, April 14th, 2017
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I am a huge ballpark food guy. I love to see what kinds of weird things teams are serving at stadiums every year and think about if I’d want to try them or not. Most of the time, I’d love to try them. But the weirdest thing I’ve seen sold in all my years of checking out ballpark food is the toasted grasshoppers at Seattle Mariners games.

These toasted grasshoppers are crazy too because they don’t even look appetizing, they just look like grasshoppers that have been cooked a bit. But apparently, the people of Seattle are extra weird because they LOVE these things.

The Mariners fans love these things so much that the stadium is now imposing an order limit on them after selling out for the first three games of the season.The grasshoppers, or “chapulines,” are going to be limited to 312 orders per game in honor of Mariner’s legend Edgar Martinez‘s lifetime batting average of .312.

The Mariners actually had to put in an emergency order for more toasted grasshoppers so that they could have some throughout the weekend. These bugs are toasted in a chili-lime salt and they are coming in a four-ounce cup for the price of four dollars. The success of these things has prompted suppliers to call and ask if the team wants to start crickets and other edible insects, which apparently they don’t.

Now don’t get me wrong, I want some of these bad boys. I’m down with eating weird stuff and trying things out because I love food but I really want these because they must be pretty good if they are selling like this.

They look absolutely disgusting, and like you’re literally picking a grasshopper up off of the ground but I might have to schedule a last minute trip to Seattle this year just to see what all the fuss is about.

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Jake Archer
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Jake is a sports blogger with a passion for baseball and the Red Sox. He loves pitcher's duels, ballpark food and listening to games on the radio. He's got some strong opinions on things like pace-of-play, the DH rule and more. Follow him on Twitter at @jarcher04.

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