Seattle Mariners Somehow Overpay Willie Bloomquist

by James Lumalu | Posted on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
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Willie Bloomquist

The Seattle Mariners continue to do very Seattle Mariner type things. Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal has reported that the Mariners and utility player Willie Bloomquist have agreed to a two-year deal worth $5.8M. Prior to this deal, the most Bloomquist had ever earned in a season is $1.9MM.

The 36-year-old only played in 48 games during the 2013 season due to multiple broken bones in his left hand. In those 48 games, Bloomquist batted .317/.360/.367 with no homeruns or stolen bases. For a more accurate representation, he owns a career slash line of .271/.320/.346.

Bloomquist has amassed a mere 1.4 wins above replacement in his 12 years of service.

He is touted as this Swiss Army knife that can play multiple positions in the infield and outfield. Yet for his career, Bloomquist has a negative UZR/150  (Ultimate Zone Rating-The number of runs above or below average a fielder is in both range runs, outfield arm runs, double play runs and error runs combined) at second base, third base, shortstop and both corner outfield spots.

In comparison to another 36-year-old utility infielder, Nick Punto signed with the Oakland Athletics for just a one-year, $2.75M deal (with a 2015 vesting option for the same figure).

Unlike Bloomquist, Punto can provide elite level defense from third base and shortstop. Punto has a UZR/150 of 20.4 in over 2000 innings at third base, and 18.6 in over 2000 innings at shortstop. He is also above average at second base with a career 6.3 UZR/150 at the position.

Every team needs a utility player on their 25-man roster, but that doesn’t mean you have to overpay especially the Mariners, a team that is not very good and has other pressing issues.

One would think an aging utility infielder that dealt with injuries would end up signing a one-year deal. Neither of those factors seemed to deter general manager Jack Zduriencik, as he decided to dole out the biggest payday in Bloomquist’s career.

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  • Teds Frozen Head

    The mess that is the current Mariners understand they will have to overpay for any free agent they are interested in. This is not limited to signing star caliber players, it applies to utility guys as well. With this said I believe it is a good signing if he stays healthy. He has a line better than most players the M’s put out last year and can play both corner outfield spots and all infield positions except 1B. Good teams have great utility players like this. On top of that he is the type of veteran presence this team needs. He is a tough player who will hold these young players accountable and help define the standards of MLB. Adam Jones of the Orioles tells us that he would not be the player he is today without his mentorship. Bloomquist is a great fit for Seattle. One day you will see him managing in the big leagues.

    • DanDad

      Willy coaching sometime in the future does not make this a good 6 million spent. Please see the immediate future for the Mariners as more important than Willie’s chance to coach in the future.


  • DanDad

    Who cares what Willy did for Adam half a decade or more ago. As far as Seattle is concerned it should mean nothing. 48 games last year, no HR’s and no SB’s with average to below average defense.
    This move is awful, Jack is AWFUL and The Mariners need to be BOYCOTTED! The ONLY way Cano comes to Seattle is if we WAY over-pay him, and even then he might turn away. There are no divisional championships, no league championships and god forbid no world series coming this way for years and years.
    If that’s no motivation for staying away, I am not sure what is. Also, Willy is ONE injury away (he had many injuries last year) from retiring.
    Does anyone remember the 6 million wasted on Harang last season? Thanks, Jack! Go buy and island somewhere and make you and your lack of baseball sense disappear forever! You have RUINED baseball in a city that has already lost basketball. THANK GOD for Paul Allen, Pete Carroll and The Seattle Seahawks! Remember to boycott EVERYTHING Mariners…It is the ONLY way to make things better as NO ONE in management gives a poop as long as they get paid. Should be against the law 🙁

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