Should The Toronto Blue Jays Trade For David Price?

by Brandon Jopko | Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2013
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MLBTR reported yesterday that the Jays are interested in dealing for the Rays’ David Price, and while he resembles the de facto ace that so many teams seek, I wonder if the Jays should put together the kind of package that Tampa is holding out for.

Let’s face it, the players going the other way would be bountiful, propelling the Rays into greater long term prosperity. To be clear, Tampa should demand a king’s ransom because Price turned in a fabulous 2013 posting his best WHIP to date in addition to having the best SO/BB ratio of his career while leading the A.L. with four complete games. The guy could even be getting better with age!

So what constitutes a suitable deal? A look at a possible package from Toronto that could teeter on the prospect side and feature the likes of OF Anthony Gose, SP Aaron Sanchez, SP Daniel Norris, and SP Alberto Tirado among others would be a steep price to pay. Alternatively, the Rays may prefer players that are more major league ready such as Adam Lind to play 1B/DH, SP Marcus Stroman, RP Steve Delabar, and more.

While I’m cognizant of the undying love many fans have for yet to mature prospects, including an arm like Stroman has me concerned. The guy absolutely raked in the AFL and is ready NOW for the big leagues and could be pitching in Toronto this year when the need arises. He has filthy stuff and despite his size, he oozes potential to be a solid big league starter. And yet the Blue Jays have yet to call him up, neither have they declared that he’s ready to compete for a spot in the starting rotation come spring. Is there something that we don’t know that has the Jays doubting this kid? Deep down, do they really think he’ll just be a reliever?

I know this may sound crazy for some, but I’m hesitant to give this kind of package for TWO years of David Price because, let’s be real, it’s going to take similarly gigantic free agent dollars to extend him now to forego free agency in 2016.

On the other hand, Toronto likely would never be able to attract this kind of ace calibre starting pitcher if he was a free agent. Trading for him now gives the team a #1 starter and a chance at reaching the playoffs for the next two years. But nothing is ever guaranteed like we learned in 2013.

Ah, the risk…I can’t stand taking the risk and having my head on a platter if a trade doesn’t work out. I guess that’s why I’m at home typing on a computer and not in an MLB front office.

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Brandon Jopko
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