Strange MLB Stories from the 20th Century

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017
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Baseball has written lots of interesting stories throughout history. Most of these occurrences happened some time ago and modern fans will probably find it interesting to see how the game has changed and how some things from this list will probably never happen again. 

These unusual facts and stories from MLB’s history are just one of the things which make baseball such a popular sport worldwide. Ever since its early beginnings, baseball has been a game played for the real sports’ enthusiasts, people who loved to watch a thrilling match and to wager on its final outcome at the local bookmaker. 

These days the game has kept true to its original traits and you can see exhilarating matches almost every other day and bet on various baseball markets. The options for wagering on baseball have even increased in the past decades, and now you can place a bet at your local bookie, you can place a bet here or at a host of other baseball dedicated establishments.  

What you cannot do, however, is go back through time and witness some of baseball’s strangest and most interesting stories. That’s where we come in and offer you this list of 3 bizarre baseball stories.  

Joel Youngblood – Playing for Two Different Teams in One Day 

Joel Youngblood is the baseball version of Marty McFly. He was a center fielder for the Mets and was one of their better performers. When the Mets played the Cubs in Chicago, Joel was informed that he had been traded to the Montreal Expos. 

He wasted no time and immediately went to Philadelphia where the Montreal outfit played the Phillies and managed to arrive in the middle of the game. Still fresh from his journey, he was given a chance to put his name in history as the only baseball player who has played for two different teams in one day. What is even stranger is the fact that Youngblood managed to record a hit for each of the teams he appeared for that day. It’s fair to say that he had quite a day.   

Clarence Blethen – The Strangest Injury of All Time 

Clarence Blethen was a pitcher for the Red Sox in 1923, when one of the strangest injuries in baseball, and sport in general, took place. The rookie pitcher had a tendency to come to matches with false teeth in order to intimidate opponents. 

However, on that fateful day in 1923, he placed his false teeth in the back pocket of his trousers and forgot that they were there when he slid to steal second. As soon as he landed, he got a nasty surprise and bit himself in the proverbial backside.   

Don Baylor – 3 Consecutive World Series Appearances 

The late Don Baylor was a great manager and a solid player. In his prolific playing career, he got to the World Series three times. To make this achievement even more impressive, he did this with 3 different teams (Red Sox, Twins, and Athletics) in 3 consecutive years (1986, 1987, and 1988).

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