Ten Worthy Baseball Television Commercials

by Anthony Bockheim | Posted on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
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Ten Worthy Baseball Television Commercials

How many days is it until pitchers and catchers report? The January lull takes a toll on baseball fans. Without explanation I sifted through You-Tube in search of the best baseball television commercials available. Too much time on my hands has produced the following results which will allow you to kill ten minutes off-season time.

Chicks Dig the Long Ball

Tom GlavineGreg Maddux, and Mark McGwire provide one of the more entertaining finds. I fear it is true. I now refrain from any innuendo.

ESPN Fantasy Baseball with Geddy Lee (Rush)

Over the top spot. ESPN has done some truly tremendous ads over the years. This one is a cut above.

Sky Perfect TV (aka Japanese Insanity)

The pitcher tears his fingernail off throwing a curve. The rest is quite simply pure madness.

Ian Kinsler and Prince Fielder Discuss Fantasy Trades

Considering the deal between Detroit and Texas impossible for this one not to be included.

Baseball World Drills with Fred McGriff Endorsement

I’m dating myself with this one. I could watch the outfield throw to home ad infinitum. Beyond that, Fred McGriff‘s amazing script reading skills are priceless.

Torii Hunter Crashes a Birthday Party

If you haven’t seen it I won’t spoil the finale. Also, you may have seen the child in awe used in animated GIF files all over the web and never known the source.

Mario Superstar Baseball

Seventeen seconds of bliss. So simple, so elegant, and truly creative.

1920’s Minor Leaguer (Barbasol)

The spot doesn’t finish strong, but the beginning is downright awesome, witty, and worth a view.

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet

For at least a year of my life I sang this song in a constant loop. Yes, I’m dating myself again. This ad is classic and among the all time greatest baseball commercials.

Pete Rose Sings (Aqua Velva)

Forgive me.

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