The Blue Jays Line-Up…Does it Really Matter?

by Dan Langille | Posted on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016
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Kevin Pillar

Recently twitter has been talking about the Toronto Blue Jays line up. “OMG who is going to hit lead-off?” Well I am here to settle this discussion. Before we go into it too much I want you to remember that Jose Reyes was batting lead-off a year ago. I think we can call this line up, one of the best in baseball.

1 – Kevin Pillar

There I said it. Our lead off man should and will be Kevin Pillar. With the speed he has he would be the best candidate to hit in the 1 position. He will make the 3 people following him look even better than they already are.

2 – Josh “MVP” Donaldson

There is no doubt in my mind that Donaldson will bat in the 2 spot. He is another guy, like Pillar who has some speed to contribute to his great bat and the 2 amazing bats coming behind him. Hopefully looking for back-to-back MVP seasons.

3 – Edwin Encarnacion

Edwin is one of the several power hitters the Blue Jays have throughout their line up. It makes sense to put him 3rd. “Ducks on the pond.”

4 – Jose Bautista

With one of the most elite power hits in the game, it only makes sense for Jose to bat 4th in this line up. And maybe in a year from now we will be talking about how he is going to be in the line up for the 2017 season.

5 – Troy Tulowitzki

Troy was be a good candidate in the lead off position, however, it’s not every game he is going to hit a lead off dinger. That’s why you can almost look at this line up in 2 pieces, speed, power bat(s), repeat. The second half of the line up is almost a repeat of the first half.

6 – Justin Smoak / Chris Colabello

Speed, power bat(s) repeat. Smoak and Colabello were excellent power bats last year. Colabello batted a .321 with 15HR and 19 doubles. Smoak had 18 HR’s, 59 RBI’s, 16 doubles while batting .226.

7 – Russell Martin

The greatest piece to this team is the help Martin can give to the young pitchers we have in both Spring Training and ultimately the regular season.

8 – Michael Saunders

Saunders has had a very good spring training so far. Aside from the bat he has had, there has been no issues involving his knee, and even after the trade that never happened with Jay Bruce. With the way that Saunders has been playing in the Spring Training, he has seemingly locked up his position in left field.

9 – Ryan Goins

In 128 games last year Goins had a line of: BA of .250, 5HR, and 16 doubles. I can see these numbers improving throughout this season.

This is my line up for the Blue Jays this season. Please feel to comment below and offer any changes. As well, this does not take into account sprinkler heads deciding to pop-up.

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Dan Langille
About the Author

Dan is a baseball nut, just trying to find the peanuts. Partial to the Blue Jays. Insurance adjuster by day and baseball writer by night. You can call me Night Writer. Find me on Twitter @allthingslang.

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