The Chicago White Sox Should Listen To Offers For Chris Sale

by Paul Jack | Posted on Thursday, July 11th, 2013
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Chris Sale

The Chicago White Sox are going nowhere this year and have a bunch of old players that will be gone either this year or after the 2014 season.  Time to reboot, reload and make another run to do that they need to trade Chris Sale.

The White Sox may get decent value for Alex Rios, Jesse Crain or Matt Lindstrom.  Also maybe a sort of ok pick for Adam Dunn or Jake Peavy if he comes back healthy.

However the biggest haul can be had for Chris Sale.  He was just signed to a very friendly contract and could generate a landslide of talent in return.  Remember the haul that Texas got for Teixeira and he only had a year and a half left on his contract.  This could be a Mark Teixeira, Hershel Walker, Ricky Williams like trade.  Ok I know this is a baseball site but those 2 football trades were monsters for Dallas and New Orleans.

On July 31, 2007 Teixeira was traded from Texas to Atlanta for Beau Jones (who?), Elvis Andrus, Neftali Feliz, Matt Harrison and Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Sale is currently the 13th highest rated pitcher in baseball according to Yahoo rankings.  After this year he is signed for 4 more years guaranteed for a total of 30 million and change.  2 options kick in after that for 12.5 and 13.5 million with 1 million dollars buyouts.

Not bad for a player who was in the running for Cy Young last year, and currently is sporting an ERA of 2.78 and a WHIP of 0.96.  He only has 5 wins but let’s not fault him for that, the White Sox stink.  He currently has losses or no decisions after giving up the following number of earned runs: 3,8,2,1,1,4,0,4,3,3,2.  Of 94 starting pitchers listed on ESPN, Sale is dead last with 2.56 runs of support.

To put that into perspective, Max Scherzer of Detroit has an ERA of 3.05 and a whip of 0.95 and is 13-0!  He gets 6.17 runs every game!

Chris Sale has the stuff to be a great #1 starter for the future barring any health issues, and could command a HUGE asking price for a contender.  The White Sox have to rebuild so they may as well trade their best bargaining chip at the top of his game with a very friendly contract.

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Paul Jack
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  • jim semple

    One thing wrong with this suggestion. What would make anyone think the White Sox would be capable of selecting the players you would expect to get for Chris Sale? 3 years down the road, Sale will be pushing 20 wins each year, and the players in return will join The Nestor Molinas at Double A, with a 6.00 ERA. Stick with the proven all star, please.

    • Paul Jack

      If they could get a haul of players that Texas got for Teixeira I would do it. Look what Oak has done with trading their stars, still hanging in there.

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