The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are STREAKING!

by Paul Jack | Posted on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013
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LA Angels

Hey everybody let’s go to the quad, were going streaking!

Ok I don’t think the Angels are going to go Full Monty and run around LA, but at the moment they are streaking around the majors!

Along with the Toronto BlueJays, the Angels had a lot of ink in the offseason for 2 reasons.

  1.  Mike Trout
  2. Signing Josh Hamilton

Oh and by the way they got some guy names Pujols on the team as well.

The team was in the papers for the wrong reasons early on.  April was not kind to the Halos treating them to a 9-17 record and a team ERA of 4.87.  However May has been much kinder to them with a 14-10 record and an 8 game winning streak, with a team ERA a entire point lower at 3.83.  As of this second they are tied 7-7 with the Dodgers, can they make it 9?

(Note to editor, add 2 lines to the end of this article depending on how that game ends, and change to title to 9 in a row as I will be asleep in 10 minutes)

The offense has picked it up a bit as well in May as opposed to April.  Let’s look at both pitching and offense for the 2 months.


April – 24hr, 105rbi, 377bases, .262avg, .321obp, .723ops

May – 35hr, 115rbi, 361bases, .261avg, .331obp, .785ops


April – 9-17, 4.87era, 1.50whip

May – 14-10, 3.83era, 1.36whip

Looking at the offense, April had Mike Trout at .261 with 2 hr and 4sb, however the first 27 days of May he has been at a much higher level to the tune of .352, 8hr and 8sb!

Josh Hamilton had a horrendous April with 2 hr and a .204 avg, has bounced back with 6 hr and a semi respectable .247 avg in May.

April on the pitching side saw Jered Weaver get hurt and go on the shelf, returning soon.  C.J. Wilson in 5 games had 2 wins and 4.30 era.  He has 2 wins in May however in 5 starts his era for May so far is 2.62, a nice improvement.

So for the moment the Angels are riding a nice win streak and trying to continue their winning ways vs the Dodgers.  The good news is they still have 4 months to gain on the division leading Texas Rangers.

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