The New York Mets and Zack Wheeler

by Gary Marchese | Posted on Sunday, May 5th, 2013
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The New York Mets have had great success with Matt Harvey since he came up last year.  He has really kicked it into high gear to start this season and has become a phenom.  Zack Wheeler is in AAA Las Vegas struggling but most people rate him higher then they do Harvey.  Harvey also didn’t have great numbers in AAA before he got promoted and look how that turned out.  I think there are a couple of things going on with Wheeler.

I think Wheeler is really, really talented and kind of bored being in AAA.  I know it shouldn’t be this way but these players to get like that.  I also think it is a very hitter friendly league and also ballpark which doesn’t help him.  The Mets aren’t projected to go anywhere this year and they haven’t gotten off to a very good start.  They are in danger of falling out of it quickly and not even having a meaningful second half o the season.

The Mets have the future though to look too and their fans are very much about that.  Why don’t the Mets call up Wheeler and let him work things out at the big league level??  If he is bad is it so bad for him to go through some struggles at the big league level and learn from it.  If he is good then that is even more of a bonus and the Mets have two legitimate studs at the top of their rotation to build around.  They have Jon Niese and Dillon Gee so they would have the makings of a solid rotation and in baseball pitching is what matters most.  The Mets also have Travis d’Arnaud the catcher in AAA but he is hurt right now.  The Mets might as well use these guys and see what they got, it is about the future not about now for these Mets.

I know the major reason they won’t call up Wheeler it is financial.  They don’t want to start that arbitration clock until they have too.  I just don’t see what the big deal is considering if he is that good your going to pay him anyway because you can’t just find pitchers like that anymore.  A lot more guys are signing long term deals and not going to free agency so it is a lot harder to find stud pitchers. If the Mets can develop a couple they will be in very good shape going forward.  I think as much as Mets fans want to see Wheeler now and I would advocate for that as well it isn’t going to happen.  You are going to have to wait until at least June and probably July after the all star break to get a glimpse of  him and the future.

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