The New York Yankees 2014 Payroll Is Almost Maxed Out

by Paul Jack | Posted on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013
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If the New York Yankees are really going to stay under 189 million they don’t have much room left!

Let’s take a look at where they are at right now.

Alex Rodriguez – 26 million

Derek Jeter – 12 million

CC Sabathia – 23 million

Mark Teixeira – 23 million

Ichiro Suzuki – 6.5 Million

Alfonso Soriano – 5 Million

Vernon Wells – 2.5 Million

Brendan Ryan – 2 Million

Brian McCann – 17 Million

Jacoby Ellsbury – Deal averages about 21 million a year

That’s 138 Million already.

They have 7 players eligible for arbitration.  Let’s break down those 7 players and what I project they will get in 2014.

Brett Gardner – 3 million

Chris Stewart – 600k

Francisco Cervelli – 700k

Ivan Nova – 1 million

Michael Pineda – 600k

David Robertson – 5 million

Shawn Kelley – 1 million

Ok so that’s 17 players with a 2014 tab of 150 million.  if the Yankees want to stay under 189 million that means they need to sign 8 more players with 39 million dollars.  Doing some quick math that’s about 4.8 million per player.

This has to mean that Robinson Cano is going to be let go unless they really want to fill in the roster with journeyman players or bargain basement fill ins.  If they give Cano 23 million a year that would leave 16 million for 7 players meaning you are scraping the bottom of the barrel to sign any live body that has some idea how to play baseball.

Letting go of Cano could give them the option to sign Carlos Beltran, he would fit right in with the old players on the team.  If they let go of Cano they could also potentially resign Curtis Granderson.

Well either way it appears that Brian Cashman and the Steinbrenner family have a lot of work to do.  They went ahead and threw caution to the wind yet again in signing a 30+ year old player to a long term contract of 7 years.  They have a ton of money invested in players that will be way past their prime when the contract ends.  When will teams learn?

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Paul Jack
About the Author

Paul Jack is an extreme baseball enthusiast, you can follow and interact with him on Twitter @PaulJackSports

  • Like for the Yankees to sign these player, Daniel Bard – p, Tony Sipp – p, Jair Jurrjens – p, Yoou-Suk-Min – p, Seung-Hwan-Oh – p, Raicel Iglesias – p, Yenier Bello – of, Tsuyoshi Wadas-p for Triple A team.

    Other free agent are Masahiro Tanaka-p, Mike Pelfrey-p and Matt Garza-p. Waiting are Manny Banuelos-p, Nik Turley-p, Vidal Nuno-p, Luis Niegla-p, Rafeala De-Paula-p,Ronny Bautista-p, Omar Luis-p

    Second Base in system are Corban Joseph, Angelo Gumbs, Robert Refsnyder, Anderson Feliz and David Adam

    Player can help Ronnier Mustelier-inf/of, Adonis Garcia-inf/of, Yeral Sanchez-of, Jose Pirela-ss/sb

  • John

    Your figures are all wrong. The $189M is based on the AAV of the contracts, not what the yearly salary is.

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