The New York Yankees Bad News On Derek Jeter

by Gary Marchese | Posted on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013
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Derek Jeter

The New York  Yankees received bad news on Derek Jeter on Thursday.  The news was that there was a small crack in the same ankle that he broke back in October.  Jeter will now be out until at least after the All Star Break.  The question now is what should the Yankees do??

Eduardo Nunez has been playing shortstop and the ironic thing is he has been a guy that has a lot of offensive potential and showed that he can swing the bat.  He has had a problem defensively though, he worked hard on that in the winter and spring training.  Nunez so far in this early season has fielded well but not hit at all.  It is very ironic because it is the opposite of what he usually is.  I would expect Nunez to start hitting at some point but you wonder if he concentrated so much on his defense that his offense is now suffering.  Can he ever be a guy who puts it all together?  I am not sure, I still have confidence in him though but I think if this goes on for another month then the Yankees may have to do something.  The Yankees really don’t have any in house options.  They have Jayson Nix who could also play shortstop but he is more of a bench player.  They really don’t have any guys in the minor league system to play short.

Is there anyone out there that the Yankees can go out and get??  I think it is way too early to tell and the other teams will know the Yankees are kind of desperate so probably not a good idea.  The Yankees will be getting Jeter back eventually so they just have to get to the second half of the season.  The problem for the Yankees is that right now they are also missing Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira so it is harder to cover all those holes.  If they both come back in May and the Yankees are still playing well then they can cover for the one weakness at short.  I don’t think the Yankees will do anything and I really don’t know if they an do anything especially right now.  There is a chance they could do something in July if they need too but there is a long way to go before that.  The Yankees will stick with Nunez and hope that he turns it around offensively which I think he will do sooner then later.

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  • gerry

    i love the new york yankees i no that in my heart that derek jeter well returne he gets the guy up for the game evertime he is the capten ….

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