The San Diego Padres And A Trip To Petco Park

by David Culver | Posted on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013
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Petco Park

I recently took a vacation with my wife to San Diego, where we enjoyed cool days at the beach, followed by a slight sunburn. The highlight of the trip for me, however, was visiting Petco Park.

As an Arizona native, I have been to many games at Chase Field. The biggest issue I have with Chase, they can’t control, the temperature inside the park. Even with the roof closed and the A/C on, with 20,000 fans, the temperature inside isn’t much cooler.

So it was my pleasant surprise to attend a game in 70 degree weather. It was cool enough to require a sweater, and the outside venue brought an aspect to the game I had never experienced before. It really added to the game of baseball to be able to see the city of San Diego beyond the outfield wall.

Though it was constructed in the early decade of 2000, Petco Park manages to keep a feeling of “old-time baseball”. This is helped by the inclusion of the historic Western Metal Supply Co. building into left field. In addition, the Matrix scoreboard (used primarily for batting order and hitter information) provided me with a nice “throw-back” feel.

I personally like to sit up in the 300 levels in order to see the whole game, and we chose section 315 along the first base line. The view was incredible.

One thing that I wish would have been present was fan support for the San Diego Padres. At Chase Field, whether its the first inning or the ninth, fans will be cheering almost non-stop for the Diamondbacks.

At Petco, there was very little, if any, cheering or noise being made for the Padres. I understand that in the state of California, with big money teams like the Angels, Giants, and Dodgers, the smaller market guys like the Padres are not going to have a large audience. But I would have loved to hear 20,000 Padres fans cheering them on non-stop.

There were a lot of things at Petco that I did not get to experience (I was more interested in the game than exploring at the time), but I know that the next time I’m in San Diego, I’m planning on visiting Petco again, perhaps along the 3rd base line this time, though I’ll spend more time exploring the entire park.

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David Culver
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David Culver is an avid baseball fan married to a beautiful woman who puts up with his fandom. He received his degree in English from ASU. Follow David on Twitter @dfculver

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