Things Are So Bad At Third Base For The Red Sox That I’m Talking Myself Into Deven Marrero

by Jake Archer | Posted on Monday, May 15th, 2017
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I have no clue what it says about this Boston Red Sox season that on May 15th I am writing about how I like Deven Marrero at third base. I just know that whatever it says, it isn’t good and it makes me depressed. The Red Sox black hole at third base has gotten so shockingly bad that at this point, Marrero looks pretty good to me. At least he isn’t Josh Rutledge who might be one of the worst third baseman I’ve ever seen.

Over the weekend, Marrero started two games at third base and impressed both in the field and at the plate. Now, I know that expecting him to hit is pretty foolish, but at this point with what has happened at the hot corner on defense, we need a guy with a good glove.

His offensive stats at Triple-A Pawtucket weren’t even good so there is really no reason to think he’ll be an asset there in the bigs. As far as I’m concerned though, we can trot Marrero out there just to field his position and if he contributes with the bat at all then that is just gravy.

I feel like writing this after just two games is crazy, but I just know that the other options are less attractive or not available. Pablo Sandoval doesn’t sound close to coming back, Marco Hernandez is probably getting season ending surgery and Josh Rutledge is just dreadful.

It’s also not like Sandoval or Hernandez were any good anyway. Brock Holt may be an option soon here, but that’s no guarantee considering what he was dealing with. So let’s see how Marrero does over a bigger sample size. All he needs to do for me is make the plays and not totally give up at-bats and I’ll consider him a small victory in this dumpster fire of a Red Sox season.

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Jake Archer
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Jake is a sports blogger with a passion for baseball and the Red Sox. He loves pitcher's duels, ballpark food and listening to games on the radio. He's got some strong opinions on things like pace-of-play, the DH rule and more. Follow him on Twitter at @jarcher04.

  • onewldindian

    Make Joe K. a starter again! You need to get rid of your 3 bum, inconsistent relievers. Quit wearing out Barnes! Put the Padre Golden Boy in a relief role. Chris Young or Moreland as DH, put Daddy Dreadlocks back at first!

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