This Baseball Writer Is Praying The Yankees Overpay For Robinson Cano

by Paul Jack | Posted on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
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Robinson Cano

If you look at this article from last month you can see what I said (6 years, 138 million,  23 mill a year) and what other writers predicted about Robinson Cano.

While my prediction stays strong at 6/138 million, I am praying the New York Yankees pull a “Yankee” move and grossly overpay him, just for fun.  They already handcuffed themselves with Alex Rodriguez, giving him a 10/275 million contract that pays him until he is 41 years old.  I wonder if teams are starting to realize these long contracts past the age of 30 are a bad investment.  Let’s look at recent history.

Albert Pujols at age 31 got a 10 year 240 million dollar contract from the Los Angeles Angels.  His first year was decent, however year 2 his body is already breaking down and he only played 99 games hitting 17 homers and batted .258.

Josh Hamilton at age 31 got a 5 year 133 million dollar contract from the SAME Angels TEAM!!  He proceeded to bat 45 points below his career average and he hit a whopping 21 home runs.  21, which is the same as Evan Gattis, Matt Dominguez, Wilin Rosario and Nate Schierholtz.  Or 1 LESS home run than Will Venable, Dan Uggla and COCO CRISP!!

Reports say the Yankees won’t go over 200 million dollars (times are tough), is that true or is that bargaining.  What Jay-Z needs to do is drum up fake interest.  He needs to take the Scott Boras approach.  Say that a couple other teams have contacted him and made aggressive offers.  Start pitting fake teams against the Yankees to turn the screws to them.  The fan base would freak if they let CANO walk.  He has been nothing but a Yankee and you know how those fans love to worship “lifetime Yankees”  or “true Yankees”.  Just to prove to the world that their arrogance knows no bounds, here’s to hoping the Yankees grossly overpay for a player that has been solid, however will no doubt begin to break down in about 2 years.

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Paul Jack
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Paul Jack is an extreme baseball enthusiast, you can follow and interact with him on Twitter @PaulJackSports

  • Stephen

    #1 – The gap between the Yankee payroll and the next highest teams closed considerably over the last few years. You want to hate the Yankees for spending, fine. I hope you hate the Dodgers and the Red Sox too.
    #2 – When the Yankees come into town, they draw attendance in these empty ballparks. Your a fan of Baseball? Be happy that a team like the Yankees can draw revenue for the sport. As far as Cano, no player is worth what he’s asking and it only hurts the sport, as a whole, if players start to make that kind of money. You enjoy Baseball; you better hope no team makes an offer to Cano like that. Ticket Prices go up, merchandise goes up, and no one goes to the game. To compensate for the revenue, you will need to pay an additional charge to watch each game on the TV. Is that good for baseball?

    • Paul Jack

      #1 I Agree, other teams are starting to shell out the dough as much as the Yankees are. But no I don’t have to hate other teams. I am more than welcome to dislike the Yankees and only the Yankees. I have an overall NY bias that was bred as a child. Sue my dad.

      #2 They do draw extra attendance because of the Yankee mystique, true story.

      If the Yankees want to overpay players, I say let em! It only draws up the prices for the other stupid teams that overpay players (Angels, Dodgers, RedSox) If you want to be smart, don’t overpay or pay for past success. Also dont give 7 year deals to 30 year old players.

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  • AlexYF

    Hating the Yankees is un-American and should be classified as a federal offense.

  • The Yankees luxury tax would help dumb smaller franchise owners pay for some of the free agents if they weren’t too cheap to keep as free agents.
    Every time I visit Kansas City, Minneapolis, ANY spring training game where the Yanks play they ALWAYS set attendance records for that season in number of actual tickets sold. They are and have been consistently the biggest draw in MLB for decades.
    As a third generation Yankees fan who has heard all the lame venom from jealous fans who refuse to accept the history of the game is firmly intertwined with that hated AL East NYC team, all I can say is: “When was the last time the same team won 3 Series consecutively ?” and smaller market teams make the play-offs more regularly in the past decade than the last three, so your obvious bias against the Bronx Bombers is based on a purely adolescent approach to the game.
    I was actually ROOTING for the Red Sox in the Post Season because I believed they had the best team top to bottom in the MLB. That’s the difference right there amigo — I respect great teams, regardless of who they are. I applaud great defensive plays regardless of what uniform they happen to wear. When the Yanks win, it’s just a happy coincidence after the run we’ve had since 1996.

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