Time for the Chicago White Sox To Start Selling For The Future

by Paul Jack | Posted on Monday, June 24th, 2013
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Chicago White Sox

Time for the Chicago White Sox to start selling for the future.

You have heard me talk preseason with optimism about the White Sox chances in the division.  Detroit Tigers have Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder and were favorites but they still had (and still do) bullpen problems.  I thought if the pitching and defense repeated last years performance they had a shot.  You usually need to do 2 things well to compete between offense, defense and pitching.

Last year the Sox were 15th in team batting, 19th in team era but 1st in errors which is why they were in the hunt all year.  In fact 2012 saw them never up or down more than 5 games all year.

2013 showed some promise after a decent 8-3 run brought them to .500 in late May.  Since then it has been a complete melt down, no offense, horrible defense and average pitching.

As of right now after today’s meltdown to the Kansas City Royals the Sox are 25th in errors, 21st in team average and 13th in team era.

That’s a recipe for a team that is 10 games out, started June with a 6 game losing streak and since then is 7-11.

So what pieces have value and who is untouchable?

Chris Sale and Addison Reed are young and have a future with the club.  Paul Konerko is a White Sox legend and would break people’s hearts seeing him in a different uniform.   Anyone else is up for grabs but who really has any value whatsoever?

The 2 best options are Jesse Crain and Alex Rios.

Rios is on a 20/20 pace this season, currently batting .283 with a .340 obp.  He has scored 40 runs, hit 11 homers and stole 12 bags.  His paltry 34 rbi has more do to with the non existent offense than anything else.  He could help a lot of AL teams push forward and I would root for him wherever he goes.  His salary is a relative bargain at 12.5 million this year and next.

Jesse Crain has been an absolute monster in the pen.  In 33 innings he has given up a measly 2 runs for a 0.53 era.  Unfortunately he is only signed through this season so his return value may be much for a team only getting 2-3 months of guaranteed service.

 Matt Lindstrom is another veteran reliever that has had a decent season and could get something on the market.  With a 2.59 era and 0 homers allowed in 31 innings and another year on his contract guaranteed you can find a destination for him as well.

I realize Adam Dunn has 18 homers and 40 rbi but that .184 avg and .280 obp and a 15 million dollar salary next year the White Sox would have to eat a lot of that salary.

GM Rick Hahn was dealt an ugly hand, time to give him a chance at blowing it up and building his own team.

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