Time to Place Your Postseason Wagers

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Thursday, August 25th, 2016
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The dog days of summer are behind us as the MLB schedule winds down and the playoff picture becomes clearer by the day. As teams continue to jockey for the wild-card berths, all but two divisions are signed, sealed and delivered with the Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals, Cleveland Indians and Texas Rangers having firm strangle-holds atop their respective divisions.

The American League East is a three-team race involving the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Orioles while the National League West will be a test of fortitude between the Dodgers and Giants. Although there is some risk involved, you may be able to jump into a great line with one of these teams before they solidify their postseason chances and the line changes.

Now is the perfect time to get a jump on placing your postseason wagers and opportune time to throw down some cheddar on that proverbial under-dog you feel may be worthy of a late season surge. If you are not savvy in the world of online betting, there are many betting sites like M88 who can walk you through to the land of postseason promise.

The current postseason odds look this this:

American League Pennant – Outright 

  • Texas Rangers 3.50
  • Toronto Blue Jays 4.00
  • Cleveland Indians 4.33
  • Boston Red Sox 6.00
  • Baltimore Orioles 7.00
  • Seattle Mariners 12.00
  • Detroit Tigers 18.00
  • Houston Astros 31.00
  • Kansas City Royals 31.00
  • New York Yankees 41.00
  • Chicago White Sox 226.00
  • Los Angeles Angels 3001.00
  • Minnesota Twins 3001.00
  • Oakland Athletics 3001.00
  • Tampa Bay Rays 3001.00

National League Pennant – Outright 

  • Washington Nationals 2.80
  • Chicago Cubs 3.25
  • San Francisco Giants 5.00
  • Los Angeles Dodgers 6.00
  • St Louis Cardinals 18.00
  • Miami Marlins 21.00
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 26.00
  • New York Mets 34.00
  • Colorado Rockies 101.00
  • Philadelphia Phillies 1201.00
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 2501.00
  • Milwaukee Brewers 2501.00
  • San Diego Padres 2501.00
  • Atlanta Braves 4501.00
  • Cincinnati Reds

The betting prognosticators have the Chicago Cubs as the early World Series favourite with the Nationals, Rangers and Blue Jays trailing behind. The surging and reigning World Series champs are a great underdog bet at 61.00 if they can sneak into the postseason.

2016 World Series – Outright 

  • Chicago Cubs 3.75
  • Washington Nationals 4.75
  • Texas Rangers 7.00
  • Toronto Blue Jays 8.00
  • Cleveland Indians 9.50
  • San Francisco Giants 10.00
  • Los Angeles Dodgers 11.00
  • Boston Red Sox 11.00
  • Baltimore Orioles 15.00
  • St Louis Cardinals 34.00
  • Detroit Tigers 34.00
  • Seattle Mariners 41.00
  • Miami Marlins 41.00
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 46.00
  • Kansas City Royals 61.00
  • Houston Astros 61.00
  • New York Mets 67.00
  • New York Yankees 76.00
  • Colorado Rockies 176.00
  • Chicago White Sox 401.00
  • Los Angeles Angels 1501.00
  • Tampa Bay Rays 1501.00
  • San Diego Padres 1501.00
  • Minnesota Twins 1501.00
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 1501.00
  • Oakland Athletics 1501.00
  • Cincinnati Reds 1501.00
  • Milwaukee Brewers 1501.00
  • Atlanta Braves 1501.00
  • Philadelphia Phillies 1501.00

Whether you prefer to place calculated bets after hours of research or you like to lay down your hard earned cheddar chasing your gut hunches, now is the time to get it done. I personally am going with the Cubs and Blue Jays to meet in the October Classic, of course with the Blue Jays, I am betting with my heart.

Happy Betting Friends!

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Clayton Richer
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