Toronto Blue Jays Brain-Trust Lying To Fans and Players

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Friday, August 1st, 2014
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Anthopoulos and Beeston

Liar, liar pants on fire! Alex Anthopoulos, Paul Beeston, Keith Pelley and even the beer guy selling over-priced pints in the cheap seats are attempting to sell fans some fictitious facts that Rogers is primed to pony up some cash if that illusive perfect deal presented itself. Unfortunately for Anthopoulos and company, fans and more importantly the players are not being fooled by their transparent tales and are very frustrated by the lack of activity.

The Blue Jays are hunkered in the thick of the pennant race occupying the second wild-card spot going into tonight’s contest. Every team in the AL-East made moves to bolster their current roster or build for the future while Rogers was unable to open their purse-strings. I realize the Jays have a healthy team payroll north of $130 million but they are also in a position to challenge for a World-Series and these windows of opportunity don’t present themselves as we all painfully know.

Both Jose Bautista and Casey Janssen voiced their frustration that the General Manager was unable to improve the team while other teams improved.

In defense of the GM, Anthopoulos is actually in a really tough spot because he can’t take his employer to task publicly about the lack of funds, however on the flip side he is the marked man the sights hone in on when the team falters or a deal isn’t consummated. Toronto Sun columnist Bob Elliott has been preaching that the Jays cannot take on anymore money for weeks. His insight potentially became a proven fact today.

Another case in point was the near signing of Ervin Santana, how pathetic that veteran players were courting to realign their contracts to improve the roster. Ownership should have stepped up and signed the hurler. Once again the secret money lies because the billionaire company knows they will be crucified if they cry broke after selling the farm for the NHL.

The Martin Prado deal is especially telling as the New York Yankees acquired the multi-positional veteran for Peter O’Brien, hardly a blue-chipper. How good would have Prado have looked at second base from here on out? The 30-year old is hitting .270 and crushing lefties at a .338 clip, oh but he is also owed $22 million over the next two seasons.

Realistically, David Price only netted the Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Drew Smyly and disappointing prospect Nick Franklin. Really, the Jays could have dangled Dalton Pompey, Anthony Gose, Daniel Norris or even Drew Hutchison for the former Cy-Young. What kind of message would that have sent to the troops acquiring Price; he would also match-up well in a winner take all wild-card game.

It is pretty difficult to improve your team when you are handcuffed by ownership and especially frustrating when it is a company that carries the clout that Rogers does.

If the Blue Jays want to keep putting fans in the seats and players on the field, they need to start being honest and stop the charade. We can all respect an ownership group that says ” the money tree is taped out, you guys are it” instead of misleading  and lying about this mysterious money tree that is available in case of emergency.

Perhaps Rogers Media should forget about hockey for a minute and appreciate and support the efforts being culminated on the diamond this season.

If they aren’t going to open the vault then at least stop lying to the players busting their ass to bring a winner back to Toronto.

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Clayton Richer
About the Author

Clayton Richer is an MLB scribe from north of the border with a slight bias for the Toronto Blue Jays. Clayton has also been the shop-keeper at Baseball Hot Corner since the sites inception in 2012. Follow and interact with Clayton on Twitter @MLBHotCorner or @ClaytonRicher

  • Clay Richards

    I completely concur with your assessment with Blue Jays Ownership. I believe that Rogers has told baseball operations that a payroll in the top 1/3 of the league at 130 MM is enough to win. In 2013 half the teams that made the playoffs had payrolls less that 130 MM.
    AA’s dilemma is that he has enough payroll to win but the wrong assets attached to the $’s. As with every team in baseball or any sport there is a magical mix or $’s and talent, the A’s, Ray’s have been magicians for many years at spending $’s on the right talent then turning them over before they became excessively expensive.
    AA has painted himself into a corner with the Marlin’s deal taking on Reyes and Buerhle’s contracts and then the team under performed badly last year. Injuries happen to every team but another problem for AA his that he has not done a very good job providing bench strength until recently with Riemhold, Valencia and Johnson.
    AA’s should off load Buerhle, Dickey and Reye’s contracts this offseason if he can and bring up/in Norris, Nolin, and replace Reyes with a more affordable option.
    130 MM is more than enough payroll to draw in the playoffs.

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