Toronto Blue Jays Showing Creativity With Lineup

by Brandon Jopko | Posted on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013
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lawrie13springOn Sunday, we heard that Brett Lawrie was playing 2B for Single-A Dunedin so the Jays can see how he looks at the bag in order to determine if he can indeed play the #4 position on the big league club. This move intrigued me quite a bit. I have no doubt that he could do it and make a successful transition considering how much of an athlete he is AND he started playing there in Milwaukee’s system when he was first signed as a draftee.

If the Jays did this, Jose Bautista would play 3B with Munenori Kawasaki/Maicer Izturis at SS and Emilio Bonifacio/Rajai Davis splitting time in RF. This no doubt improves the infield defence and gets Boni out of the bloody diamond where he’s butchered so many balls.

However there’s a wrench that was thrown in the Jays plans. Bautista apparently arrived in Toronto Monday morning and said he’s got a sore back – who knows what that’s from? Could it be from actually playing at the hot corner on Sunday? Taking too many reps before the game? It kind of makes it seem that ball players are incredibly finicky and fragile. I mean, we’re not talking football or hockey here where bodies bash against each other and players are expected to give it and receive it. It takes such specific skills to succeed in baseball that if a part of the body is hurting, they can’t perform optimally. Anyway the club decided to rest Bautista for Monday’s game, and again today on Tuesday (for an ear infection) so that he recovers quickly without any lingering pain.

Richard Griffin, beat reporter of the Toronto Star this morning accurately speculated that Bonifacio has kind of shown his limitations in not being able to be the super-sub as was advertised in Toronto thereby lessening his value that he has the on the club. Personally, I love the idea of Boni’s speed, how he stretches singles into doubles, and the apparent energy he brings in the clubhouse, but yeah that’s pretty much it. If the Jays can get a better used asset in return of Boni’s services, then they owe it to themselves to at least weight their options.

Overall, I’m pleased to see the Jays brass thinking of creative options to utilize their assets and wring out a win at every opportunity because let’s face it, the Jays haven’t exactly been playing all that well in any facet of the game. That’s not to say I’m jumping off the bandwagon. Far from it because I’m here for the ride, to enjoy every bump and trough and to see this ride that is the 2013 season to its culmination.

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Brandon Jopko
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