Waiting For Spring Training

by David Culver | Posted on Thursday, January 30th, 2014
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MLB Spring Training

This weekend all of America starts celebrating the return of Major League Baseball. We are less than 2 weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting, and the long wait for the 2014 season is almost over.

What can you do until then?

  1. Catch up on all the winter news

    1. Baseball Hot Corner has been hard at work collecting and communicating all the important news that happened this winter.

  2. Review the new rules around replay in baseball

    1. MLB approved the extended use of replay during the 2014 season.

    2. Managers will receive 1 challenge at the start of each game. If they use their challenge and win, they keep their challenge.

    3. Managers can not challenge more than 2 times per game.

  3. Read a baseball book

    1. Nothing prepares you for baseball quite like reading the lives of past baseball stars. Some personal favorites are:

      1. Stan Musial: An American Life by George Vecsey

      2. The Final Season by Tom Stanton

      3. One Last Strike by Tony LaRussa

    2. If you want to refresh your baseball knowledge:

      1. Watching Baseball Smarter by Zack Hample

      2. The Baseball by Zack Hample

  4. Check out your team’s Spring Training facility.

    1. The Chicago Cubs have just recently completed building their newest facility in Tempe, AZ, and there’s a lot to see.

  5. Take your kid out back and toss the ball back and forth. There is nothing better than strengthening the bond between you and your child, while creating lifelong baseball fans.

  6. Plan your fantasy league team.

  7. Start arguments at work as to why YOUR team will be the 2014 World Series Champs. Ignore the other persons arguments completely.

Yes, this weekend has a giant football game, but we all know that its sole purpose is to herald the return of the greatest sport on earth. So enjoy the celebration, hang out with friends and cheer for the return of baseball.

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David Culver
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David Culver is an avid baseball fan married to a beautiful woman who puts up with his fandom. He received his degree in English from ASU. Follow David on Twitter @dfculver

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