What The Toronto Blue Jays Mean To Me

by Daniel Levitt | Posted on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013
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Daniel Levitt

So this is where it all starts for me as a sports writer, covering the Toronto Blue Jays for Baseball Hot Corner. Ever since I visited Canada for the first time when I was seven, I have been fascinated with the history and culture that existed in Canada and the United States. As you can imagine for a small kid all the way from London, England it was pretty overwhelming. But what I took away from my trip would stay with me to this day.

Having family in Toronto, you can imagine I was urged and pushed in the direction of ice-hockey. Maybe the cold temperature of ice-hockey arenas was the reason that my love for hockey only lasted all of a month. Basketball came along next and remains a hobby to this day, but this time it was clearly the lack of height I possess that put me off a career in the NBA. Then baseball came along.

There is just something so special about the game of baseball that has captivated the majority of my attention for the last decade. I always say that baseball is not a sport, it’s a way of life, and that is exactly what it is to me. I remember watching my first game back when I was twelve years old in 2005, and seeing the passion and pure enjoyment of the Toronto faithful, I knew I was in for the long haul.

Being in high-school at the time meant that I was unable to stay up late enough to watch any of the games. Even when a day game was played, I could not afford to pay the online subscription. So I settled with MLB.com’s ‘Gameday’ service for live updates. Although I could not witness any live action, I could not bear to take my eyes off the screen for just one moment in fear that I may miss a pitch being called a ball or a strike.

As the years went by I earned money from jobs and could now afford to fully fund my addiction. I can proudly say I have now watched over 1,000 Blue Jay’s games and in that time I have seen players, managers, GMs and expectations come and go. I have become attuned with the history and culture of the organisation and am learning more and more about the game every single day.

With all that said, I hope to provide you with the finest and most credible coverage of the Toronto Blue Jays possible. This is the first step for me of a journey that I have longed for and it is a pleasure to share it with you all. Go Jays!

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Daniel Levitt
About the Author

Daniel has been following the minor-leagues since 2012, and is BHC's go-to guy for all things prospects. Daniel is eager to enthral you all with his love and passion for baseball. Follow Daniel on Twitter @DanielLevitt32. http://daniellevitt32.com/

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