What Would It Take For The Blue Jays To Re-Sign Mark Buehrle?

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015
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What will it take for the Toronto Blue Jays to convince veteran pitcher and pending free agent Mark Buehrle to keep perfecting his craft north of the border next season? Buehrle is having arguably one of the best seasons in his 16-year career as his contract is set to expire at seasons end.

Buehrle has hinted about retirement and some prognosticators predict the 36-year old may want to end his career closer to home with the St. Louis Cardinals or even returning to Chicago for one last swan song. However the Blue Jays need pitching and Buehrle is the exact consummate professional who can positively influence the Jays young crop of talented arms. Further to that point, Buehrle has been hands down the Blue Jays best starter all season long and it is scary to imagine where the Jays would be without him.

Would Buehrle consider returning or is he just biding his time until his contract expires? Could the Jays sign him to a 2 year pact in the neighborhood of $30 million? The wily veteran seems like he embraces the fatherhood role that Marcus Stroman and company has bestowed upon him calling him “Papa Buehrle” and leaning on for advice.

Aside from the leadership role Buerhle is 11-5 with a 3.23 earned run average and a 1.161 WHIP in 19 starts thus far this season. In Buehrle’s last start he set a Blue Jays record recording his 9th consecutive start allowing 2 runs or less in 6 innings or more of work. No other Blue Jays hurler has attained that achievement.

Buehrle never complains, never shows anyone up and comes to work ready to pitch. He is on pace to once again eclipse 30 starts and the 200 inning clip for the 15th season.

The final say will undoubtedly come down to where Buehrle and his family want to be in 2016 but Alex Anthopoulos and company will surely attempt to convince the pitcher to stay.

Would you give Buehrle another $20 million for next season or do you think the finances could be better spent elsewhere or on another pitcher? Let me know in the comments what you think or where you think Buehrle will land in 2016.



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Clayton Richer
About the Author

Clayton Richer is an MLB scribe from north of the border with a slight bias for the Toronto Blue Jays. Clayton has also been the shop-keeper at Baseball Hot Corner since the sites inception in 2012. Follow and interact with Clayton on Twitter @MLBHotCorner or @ClaytonRicher

  • Rick Mancini

    Keep Buerhle. He brings a lot more to the team than his great arm and attitude. He is a natural teacher and belongs in the pitching coaches chair. There is nobody that I would rather meet than him. I am not some starry eyed kid but rather a 67 year old teacher of elite kids and try my best to emulate Mark because his approach is the most exemplary in the game.

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  • Jensan

    2 years 30 million , resign and trade Dickey and Thole for prospects over the winter. Stroman, Buerhle, Hutchison, Hoffman, Fiers and resign Estrada for 2/15 your sixth man.
    Boyd and Nay for Fiers.

    • Dave Kupka

      C’mon. You can’t expect Hoffman to be a starter next season… He just made the jump to AA ball. And now you’re assuming they either trade for or can sign Fiers, which is no guarantee either. Estrada has earned a spot in the rotation, perhaps as the number 4, with Hutch number 5 (since he’s been horrible the past few years). So that leaves you with Stro and Buerhle at the top, with one of Norris or Sanchez (pref) as the #2. It would be nice if they could sign or trade and sign for another dominant arm to shore up the rotation — Cueto would be a great signing if they could convince him to come North of the border.

  • 6 God

    2 years at 28 million, and include a poodle with a supply of pedigree until he retires.

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  • tbjfan

    Holding onto players for too long is one of the worst mistakes franchises tend to do. Buerhle’s ability to pitch effectively at an advanced age is an absolute anomaly in today’s game.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m EXTREMELY elated that Buerhle has been able to maintain his consistency thus far, but I wouldn’t depend on a repeat performance.

    The Blue Jays should extend a Qualifying Offer to Buerhle. If he accepts, great. If the denies it, then so be it.

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