Which Free Agent Starting Pitchers Will The Toronto Blue Jays Target?

by Daniel Levitt | Posted on Wednesday, November 27th, 2013
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Matt Garza

As the 2013 Winter Meetings looms, who is Alex Anthopoulos and the Toronto Blue Jays after. We take a look at the current free-agent starting pitchers on the market.

Bronson Arroyo:

Arroyo has been a solid pitcher wherever he has pitched. Whether it be in the tough AL East with the Boston Red Sox or the pitcher friendly NL Central with the Cincinnati Reds. One thing has remained constant: Arroyo will give you the chance to win every game he appears in.

For this very reason, the Blue Jays may be priced out. This is not to say they are cash-strapped, but AA may not feel he is getting enough value in return. Arroyo’s ERA has never been under 3.29 for a full season, but is likely to receive the money of a pitcher who has done consistently. The Florida native will be a fantastic addition, but looks unlikely due to the number of suitors.

Matt Garza – Anthopoulos and the Jays have been trying to bring Garza to Toronto for much of his career. The problem is that he either played for the division rival Tampa Bay Raysor the deal required sending a number of prized prospects the other way. While Garza has more than respectable numbers throughout his time in the majors, the value was never truly there.

Today is a different matter. Garza is a free-agent, meaning it is money and not prospects needed to sign him. Some of you may be wondering whether the Jays will need to give up their first-round draft pick to the Chicago Cubs in return for the SP. This is not the case. Their record last season was so dismal, they finished in the bottom ten records, meaning protection against surrendering their number one pick in order to sign a major free-agent. Garza to Toronto is a real possibility.

Shaun  Marcum:

Marcum will be a great addition to the Blue Jays. The team’s opening day starter in 2010 , he knows the franchise, had his breakout season under John Gibbons and established a strong rapport with him along the way. As we learnt from last season, these intangibles go along way in baseball and shouldn’t be underestimated.

After an injury-plagued 2013, Marcum will be looking to reestablish some value and AA may be able to get the right-hander on a cheap one-year deal. He’ll likely be the number four starter, paving the way for an all-out dog fight for the final rotation spot. Wherever he pitches, Marcum will be welcomed back to the blue birds with open arms. What a sight it will be seeing Marcum and Brett Lawrie play side-by-side, with Lawrie being the very reason for Marcum’s departure in the first place.

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