Who Is Better: Bryce Harper or Mike Trout

by Paul Jack | Posted on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013
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Mike Trout

Who is better, Bryce Harper or Mike Trout?

If I was starting a team today I would have to take Trout and here is why.  They are both very young, Harper is 20 and Trout is 21 so age isn’t a factor in my decision.  The style of play appears early on to be different.

Harper appears to want to prove on every play how tough he is and has a bad habit of trying to run through walls.  As cool as that sounds it can’t be done Bryce so please for the sake of baseball, stop trying.  I’m not sure how that gets you respect as you are hurting yourself and hurting your team.

Trout set the baseball world on fire last year with a line that has never been done, like ever.  In only 139 games he hit 30 homers and stole 49 bases and made some highlight reel catches all year long.

So far this year has been the tale of 2 cities.  Harper started off on FIRE lets look at the April of both players.

Harper – 18 runs, 32 hits, 9hr, 18rbi, 1sb, .344avg, .430obp

Trout – 15 runs, 29 hits, 2hr, 16rbi, 4sb, .261avg, .333obp

As you can see Harper started out hot and the conversations early on where all “Bryce wants to prove he is better than Trout so he is really going all out”

Now let’s see how May is shaping up for both players.

Harper – 11 runs, 11 hits, 3hr, 5rbi, 1sb, .193avg, .319obp

Trout – 26 runs, 34 hits, 8hr, 21rbi, .354avg, .432obp

May is now Trouty time as you can see he is dominating not just Harper but almost everyone in the majors NOT named Miguel Cabrera.  Anaheim just snapped their season best 8 game win streak vs the Dodgers in a great game last night, however Trout has the Angels firing on all cylinders.  They have a chance to salvage the season if they keep playing winning baseball (did you hear that Toronto).  Harper has been struggling this month with some nagging injuries and needs to get well, the Washington Nationals offense needs him.  So in their young careers I have to say I would take Trout over Harper, he just seems to do it all and has stayed healthy so far, here’s to ten more years of this same debate!

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