Who Is The Best Celebrity To Go To A Baseball Game With?

by Jake Archer | Posted on Friday, May 19th, 2017
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I’ll be honest, the reason I thought of this blog is because I saw the viral video of George W. Bush video bombing the reporter at the Texas Rangers game. When I saw that, I couldn’t help but think how cool it might be to take in a game with Dubya and I wondered what other famous people would be awesome to attend a game with. Here’s my list of the people I would most want to spend nine innings sitting next to.

5. Marlins Man: Okay, so Marlins Man isn’t exactly a celebrity, but it would be awesome to go to a game with him. You’d just get to sit behind home plate and talk about how humble he is, his rivalry with Foul Ball guy, and how everyone is really there to see him. Next time Sunday Night Baseball is in Boston I may just tweet him and ask him where I should sit because I’ve seen him answer that question with, “in my seats.”

4. Matthew McConaughey- Alright, alright, alright, Matthew McConaughey is probably in the conversation for people you would want to hang out with in pretty much any situation. For some reason though, I feel like sitting at a baseball game and relaxing while listening to him say some crazy stuff in a really soft tone would be awesome.

3. Don Orsillo- Yes, Don Orsillo the San Diego Padres play-by-play announcer who was formerly with the Boston Red Sox. I thought of him and Vin Scully but I don’t think Vin Scully and I would be close enough in age to get eachother. Orsillo would be great though. I wouldn’t want him to do any play-by-play really but I’d just want to talk to him because he seemed hilarious during all of those years when I would hear him and Jerry Remy cracking up in the booth.

2. Will Ferrell- I would just have him do his Harry Caray impression the whole time.

1. Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David- These guys go hand in hand for me. I know I have to pick one, so I’m not saying I’d go to the game with both but I just can’t pick between them. They are both hilarious and would make very funny observations as well as get disgusted at their team if they were losing. I’d love it.

Honorable Mention: Dick Vitale, George W. Bush, Dan Katz (Big Cat)

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Jake Archer
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