Who Was To Blame For The Dodgers/Diamondbacks Bean Ball Affair

by Paul Jack | Posted on Thursday, June 13th, 2013
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Yasiel Puig Hit in Face

The Arizona Diamondbacks franchise should be fined, and their manager should be suspended for 5 games.  Soon MLB has to institute a head rule, you bean a guy on the shoulder or above, the manager is immediately ejected and the starter gets fined lets say 5k for the first infraction.  All subsequent violations result in an additional 5k added on.  So a 2nd headshot costs the pitcher 10k, 15 for a 3rd and so on.

If you want to throw at a guy to back him off the plate or make him uncomfortable, I have no problem with a ball to the booty, or thigh to send a message.  However intentional or not, a ball that hits Yasiel Puig in the nose is over the line, that just missed hitting his face.

I watched the game on MLB.com  and saw Cody Ross get hit first however that pitch was at best 4 inches inside, he dove into it and I’m not even sure it hit him on the hands, I think he sold it.  Also, that pitch was at waist level not at the head, and it’s Cody Ross.  In 191 plate appearances he has 2 homers, in 37 plate appearances, Puig has 4 homers.

So Arizona had nothing owed to them at all when Ian Kennedy went head hunting on Yasiel Puig.  The Diamondbacks had one coming to them.  I don’t want to hear the BS argument that Zack Greinke had one shot at Miguel Montero, and it took him 3 to get him.  You throw at the hottest hitter in the game’s face, you gave up all your leverage.

Then on top of that you AGAIN throw at the head of a Dodger, this time Greinke.  That’s truly classless.  That’s not old school, it’s not tough, it’s pure classless garbage.

Mark McGwire had every right to be pissed, I would have loved to see him clock Kirk Gibson right in the jaw.  He has one coming for sure for that bush league move.  I place the blame squarely on the manager.  After Montero was hit Kirk Gibson should have told his guys it’s over and we are all even, but instead he let it go and Greinke could have been severely injured.

I always liked the Arizona franchise as they beat the Yankees in that epic Luis Gonzalez bloop game.  However this is a serious black eye for that franchise.

You can watch entire bean ball affair by clicking HERE:

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Paul Jack
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  • I know the dbacks were wrong and I understand why the dodgers are pissed , but every dodger player even the dodgers on the dl list came on the field throwing punches , if they can fight like that , they should be able to play the game ..Mark McGuire is a coach and should have been defusing and calming the situation ,not having a roid attack out of his mind . I know the dodgers are pissed because they’re in last place, but this is blown out of proportion .I am glad nobody got hurt ,and that the dbacks are in first place !

    • David Brown

      Have to disagree. I remember what a Cecilio Guante fastball did to Tony Fernandez’ face. If the league doesn’t protect players then it’s up to the players. Getting hit in the head with a 90+ fastball can not only alter the game, it can change someones life. If the benches didn’t clear would they hit another? Sometimes you have to take a stand. If Hinske swung at someone I bet he missed…just saying…

  • Paul Jack

    I normally don’t defend the coaches but when you see your best hitter and one of your best pitchers both get thrown at in the face, tough to stay cool.

  • Paul Jack

    Hit me on twitter we can debate it some more 🙂 pauljacksports

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