Who’s To Blame For The Blue Jays Collapse, Answer Might Surprise You?

by John Rich | Posted on Thursday, July 25th, 2013
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Ramon Ortiz

Boy, is it ever tough being a Toronto Blue Jays fan this year.

I’d like to believe that we still have a shot at making something happen and getting our foot in the wildcard door, but unfortunately I am officially declaring the 2013 Blue Jays season over. I guess technically we could still be in it, if we win 50+ games for the remainder, but let’s be realistic. If our beloved Blue Jays keeps blowing 5-run leads like they did against the Los Angeles Dodgers last night, there’s very little hope left.

When it comes down to it, someone needs to take full responsibility for “The Great Collapse of the 2013 Blue Jays” (hey – I should write a book!). And ultimately, it seems there’s only a select few parties that can be blamed:

1. General Manager / Front Office – I’ll be the first to say that I think it would be absolutely pointless to blame anyone from the Toronto front office for what has taken place this season. GM Alex Anthopoulos took a big risk during the offseason to try and solve the Blue Jays’ pitching woes, which was the most important issue to address. He did that to the best of his ability given what was available to him, and I think that it was a valiant effort. Sometimes these things just do not work out the way they should, and is a wake-up call for everyone to remember that having a roster on paper and the actual players on the field are two completely different things.

2. Coaches / Team Manager – I really do feel sorry for all of the guys that work in these positions. For someone like John Gibbons, being the team manager is basically like putting a “Fire Me” target on your head if the team struggles. Earlier in the season – right before the Blue Jays went on their 11-game win streak – everyone in the social media universe was calling for a #FireGibby campaign. The big wins ultimately stopped that, but it was the perfect example of how being a manager in the big leagues is a lot like playing russian roulette. I’ll keep it simple here: Yes, managers and coaches are important key figures in winning games, but they can only win you so many. These guys are not on the field hitting the balls and pitching and fielding double plays, they’re just telling their players what to do and so there is only so much they can do in the first place.

3. Players – This is where it starts to hit home. Many Blue Jays fans might remember Mark Buehrle, on two different occasions, saying that the team is overrated and just maybe not as good as they thought they were. At first I was a little bit bitter over this statement, but when you take a second to breathe and think about what has taken place over the season thus far, he might be right (although I do hate to admit it). No one expected that the Jays would stutter this badly during the beginning of the season, and now that the All Star break is done, I don’t think anyone expected this kind of start to the second half either. All around the diamond, the boys in blue are just not delivering, and that’s a damn shame because there is an almost-absurd amount of potential in this team. Ultimately, it comes down to the guys who are on the field and our boys are not cutting it. So, I’ll start a new campaign… #FireThePlayers

There might be one decent thing to take away from the Blue Jays’ 2013 season, and it is that the seats in the Rogers Centre have been filling up more often this year.  I suppose that’s a good thing, although I’m not even sure why.  The hype surrounding Toronto has been stepped on, ground up, set on fire… just completely obliterated now, and that has me thinking. The fans created all of the hype for this year, as they are the ones who immediately expected the Blue Jays to fly into the post-season after all of the acquisitions before the start of the season.

I’m going to take a lot of heat for this one, but…

4. The Fans – Take away all of the hype that they created. I know it is hard to do – even for me – with all of the seemingly awesome players that have joined the ball club, but if you forget about that, what are you left with? The same-old under-performing Blue Jays, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER SEASON! So this year, it SEEMS like the Blue Jays are doomed more than usual, only because the fans are making a bigger deal out of it now than any other year in recent memory.

Sorry guys, but if we all were to quiet down and look at the big picture, we may be reminded that this is type of Jays season we are all used to. Sad, but true.

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John Rich
About the Author

John is a baseball fanatic and lover of writing with a particular interest in blogging about baseball. He runs JaysHub, a blog circling around the Blue Jays organization. Follow John on Twitter @_JohnRich or @_JaysHub

  • Karen

    Should have been BUTTER!

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  • Marko Filice


  • Frustrated

    This manager is the true reason this team sucks. A bunt would go a long way to winning more games. Numerous times I have watched this team squander opportunity after opportunity just because the manager will not put on the bunt sign.

    This manager has a past history of not using this simple, yet run producing tool effectively. In contrast, take a look at Mr. Madden in Tampa Bay.

    Case closed.

  • Mike Shimazu

    I’d say it’s the Tigers, the Indians, the Orioles, the Rays and the Dodgers. These are not easy teams.

  • Macht

    The players are to blame, with the manager second (and a distant second, not his fault his starters have the worst ERA in baseball).

    I find it hard to find fault in the GM however. How can you blame him when he built a team that many experts picked to win the World Series?

    There has been massive under-performing up and down the roster, and injuries to a lesser extent have not helped. When the Jays get consistent starting pitching they’ll be a contender with that lineup, even as is (underperforming).

    A lot of hope now rests on how Drabek and Hutchison perform in the second half (so far so good in the minors). If one or both of them are ready to step back into the rotation next year, that would be huge. Will also be interesting to see whether they try Stroman as a starter in the Majors. Everyone just assumed they’d turn him into a reliever, but he’s been dominant as a starter in NH and the Jays need all the starting depth they can get.

  • Shotblaster

    Trade Mark B. Trade Dickey he clearly needs to pitch in a big ball park.
    Edwin E . And Jose R are clearly leaders. Bautista is a great player but not a leader,he is a cry baby when not getting attention. Bring back Kawasaki. Keep Adam Lind. Keep Rogers. Keep Maicer.Bonafacio is clearly happy getting paid to do nothing.Keep bullpen. Keep Colby
    Keep Arencebia
    Again about Mark B. if he wants to be with his dog let him go. Greg Zaun
    alluded to that in an interview,I cany believe Alex A paid big money for a guy with that kin of attitude

  • tony nicholson

    I have gone thru numerous articles including the Grantland. Nobody has the guts to come out and say what is really wrong. Number 1, you only have to watch the team interplay on
    the bench. Carribbean is at one end and USA et al the other. Number 2, you have a very
    second rate manager (by the way — continually stuffing himself. – have you ever stopped
    stuffing yourself long enough to notice the top managers in the major leagues really do not
    spend their time managing& eating something -( I know there is one exception and Boston got rid of him.) The Jays coaching staff is (except for the bullpen) second rate. Perhaps the wunderkind Alex should be made aware that perhaps some dough-ray-me should be spent on quality coaches & not yes men for this sad figure of a former short time, athelete
    trying to be a manager in the big leagues.. No amount of computer industry generated money can win ball games.

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