Wilin Rosario: Big Things Come In Small Packages

by Chris Lacey | Posted on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013
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Wilin Rosario

The new baseball season has been full of surprises, but none more shocking than how well the Colorado Rockies have started off the 2013 season. Colorado was picked by most experts to be in the bottom of the NL West Division, but they have proved them wrong with their strong start.

The main reason that the Rockies are playing terrific baseball is the play of their catcher Wilin Rosario. Rosario was a rookie for the Rockies last season, and one thing was apparent in that he knows how to hit, as indicated by .270/.312/.843 triple-slash in 2012.

He led all rookies last season smacking 28 HR’s, and also proved that he could be an RBI machine, as he had 71 RBI’s. Rosario is off to great start this season, as indicated by .299/.327/.883 triple-slash.

The one area that he needs to improve upon is his strike out rate, he stuck out 99 times in just 396 at-bats last season. He would also benefit from drawing more walks as a hitter, he only had 25 walks last season.

The pitchers that he faces know about his prodigious power, but they are also aware that he has a tendency to swing at pitches that are out of the strike zone. Once Rosario improves his plate discipline, he will become a better all-round hitter.

The most crucial area for him to work on is his defense as a catcher. Rosario had 21 passed balls in the 2012 season, and this was the highest in the NL.  He leads the NL in this category once again with five in the 2013 season.

This is important because being a great catcher is not only about doing well offensively, but also doing your job to make sure that balls in the dirt do not get past you. This will not only help the Rockies win some close games, but the pitchers on the staff will have more confidence knowing that if they throw a breaking pitch into the ground, that he has the ability to block it.

Rosario will need to continue his great start to the season, for the Rockies to have an opportunity at earning a playoff spot this season.

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Chris Lacey
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Chris Lacey has been following baseball since he was 12 years old. His allegiances are with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Toronto Blue Jays. Follow Chris on Twitter @aecanada12

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