Where Will He Sign: Carlos Beltran

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013
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Carlos Beltran

In a new offseason feature BHC writers will explore the possible landing spots for high priced free agents. In the sixth edition of “Where Will He Sign” the staff analysed the possible teams in play for the services of veteran Carlos Beltran.

Stephen Genova @SCGenova: Carlos Beltran will sign with the New York Yankees, and it’ll be the right move for him. The Yankees may not win a World Series with Beltran on the roster, but Yankee Stadium, with its short porches, will provide him with a launching pad in the twilight of his career. The numbers he accumulates there will later contribute to his bid for induction into the MLB Hall of Fame.

Marisa Ingemi @Marisa_IngemiCarlos Beltran seems like a perfect fit for the Boston Red Sox. Boston just lost center-fielder Jacoby Ellsbury and he will need replacing; Shane Victorino is more than capable of playing center while Beltran goes to left, and Jackie Bradley Jr. will have a chance to transition in slowly. The Red Sox also need another bat in their lineup especially with the losses of  Ellsbury, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and the future of Mike Napoli uncertain.

Paul Jack @PaulJackSports: 3 years for 35 million from the Royals. Two years ago the St. Louis Cardinals were probably hoping for 20 homers a year when they signed Beltran to a 2 year deal.  They received a nice bonus of 296 games played and 56 homers.  He hadn’t hit that many homers in 2 years since he hit 60 in 2007-2008 with the Mets.  Rumor has it he is looking for a 3 year deal which looks to be his last contract as that takes him to age 39.  I’ll say KC will welcome back the ROY in 1999 and sign Beltran to a 3 year deal.

Brandon Jopko @pumpedupjays: This is a perplexing transaction to try and predict. The Yankees, Royals, Rangers, Red Sox and even the Orioles all appear as fits or are rumored to be in on Beltran. In the end though, I believe the Texas Rangers serve as the best spot for Beltran to play since he can split time at DH and in LF, and he can help mentor younger players like Jurickson Profar and the newly acquired Michael Choice. Of course, he can be that mentor to young players on all the teams I just mentioned….darn it!?! This is so hard to pick.

Marc Keller @mrarmchairCarlos Beltran may be the tough free agent to predict where he will sign.  There hasn’t been a whole lot of rumblings or hot stove rumors regarding which teams he has talked with or which teams he is interested in signing with.  It was reported Tuesday that Beltran was in Kansas City meeting with the Royals’ brass.  It’s also been reported that Beltran has had discussions with the New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners.  Those three teams makes sense to me, as I think Beltran at this stage in his career is best suited for the American League, where he can be a partial DH / RF.  With that, of the three teams being linked to Beltran, I would say he signs with the Yankees.  If Beltran truly wants a ring and not chase dollars and career stats, the Yankees gives him the best path to that goal of those three teams.  While the Royals are in a “win-now” mode, I can’t see them spending the money it would take to sign Beltran, and while the Mariners have money to spend, they are nowhere near to being a winning ball club and SafeCo Park is not a hitters-friendly park.  Where the money will come from the Yankees, I don’t know and one can guess.  But with the Yankees reportedly signing CF Jacoby Ellsbury to a seven year, $153 million deal, and officially signing C Brian McCann to a five year, $85 million deal, they are essentially taking themselves out of the Robinson Cano sweepstakes (so we think).  If they do pull out of the Cano sweepstakes and can get Beltran signed to a two-or-three year deal worth around $35 million, the Yankees are basically sending the message that they are choosing quantity (signing Ellsbury, McCann, Beltran) over quality (signing Cano).

Chris Lacey @aecanada12: For Carlos Beltran an he’ll probably end up with the Seattle Mariners as they will be the team that gives him what he wants. He wants a three-year deal and there’s not too many clubs willing to that given his age. The Yankees would have been a good fit, but this was before them signing Ellsbury. The Royals could be another option, but I don’t think they will give him the money or the length of contract he’s looking for. Seattle has the money for Beltran and they’ll probably need to overpay for his services.

Adrian Garro @adriangarro: The Kansas City Royals had a great season in 2013, the sort of year that can transform a franchise from ‘also-rans’ into ‘legitimate contenders’. That K.C. resides in the A.L. Central makes the team’s chances of contending in 2014 and beyond a definite possibility, and signing a free agent such as Carlos Beltran would go a long way. The Royals have been closely linked to Beltran – who originally broke into the Majors with K.C. – so don’t be surprised to see G.M. Dayton Moore make a big statement by signing the veteran to a two or three-year deal.

Clayton Richer @MLBHotCorner: I have a feeling that Beltran may be the next big name to drop as he is currently being courted by a number of teams. It was reported the Kansas City Royals offered the slugger a 3-year deal in the neighborhood of $48 million. The Red Sox may become instant players in the sweepstakes after officially losing Jacoby Ellsbury to the Yankees yesterday. I am going to go off the grid and predict that the 36-year old outfielder will end up with the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds are looking for a cheaper alternative to Shin-Soo Choo and Beltran’s playoff track record could entice the Reds to pony up the dough. Beltran is a career .333 hitter with 16 home runs in 51 career playoff games, if your interested to see how those numbers stack up. Check out this comparison with Babe Ruth. The guy is money and should be a big draw for any team poised to contend for the postseason.



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  • Anthony Bockheim

    Interesting thoughts all. Where he will end up is truly enigmatic. Cheers for having the guts to predict.

  • Carlan

    I was wondering, with all the available money, why don’t we go after Choo? Holiday’s salary comes off the book in 2 years(I think). Matt’s okay but I think we’d be better if some youth like Choo and the new acquisitions were playing in the outfield. Choo could give us the power we lost with Beltran leaving. Holiday is a defensive liability and I don’t see him in the near future as a key component. I’d like to see Craig stay at 1st which allows us to bring Adams off the bench. If we play Adams, then Craig and Choo in the outfield, wow!

    I’d even think about moving Holiday to free up more money.

    Just a thoughts

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